5 Ways to fall in love with your Charms

A great way to express yourself is through your jewelry. The concept of charms helps you to elaborate your special memories or important values through jewelry making it quirky yet beautiful and classy. Following are some style tips, which can help you style your beautiful charm collection with the latest style trends.

Charm Chokers: Chokers are the new in designs inspired from the early 90’s fashion trend. Pair up your trendy choker necklaces with charms to spice it up with your story and give a touch of quirkiness to your look.

Charm Chokers

Layer and style: Thick and bold are in, so is layering. Play around with your chains to layer them with multiple charms and make your look funky and stylish.

Layered Necklace Style

Charm Bracelets: For every memory you have a charm to relate to. Style them together in a bracelet to create a story tale of life.  A lot of celebrities have been spotted this season stacking bracelets with beautiful charms.

Charm Bracelets Style

Charmed Anklets:

Bought some new ankle jeans and pants this season, look for cool and classy charm anklets to be expressive and impressive. Pair your favorite charm with your anklets

Charmed Anklets

Stud Lover? Add some charms on: Bored of wearing the same old studs everyday? Try a fun and expressive way of styling your ears by adding some charms to your stud earrings to give it a quirky look.