6 Perfect Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Every Type of Love

Amour Collection Loving Heart Charm Bracelet


It is foolish, says caution

It is impossible, says experience

It is what it is, says love.

Guide to Choosing the Perfect Valentine’s Gift

Love is all you need, but a well-thought-out gift never hurts. This Valentine’s Day, move away from those generic chocolate boxes and supermarket flower bouquets. Let your loved one know that you really care about them with a perfect Valentine’s gift.

If there was ever a time to declare that love is in the air, February is it. And while love comes in all shapes and sizes and you could be in a completely different stage than another couple. Many choose this day to ask their crush out on a date, to propose or to get married, while married (or seriously committed) couples also celebrate the life and love they share. And all of this comes into play while picking the perfect gift for your Valentine.

Amour Collection: Beautiful Expressions of Love

Our Amour Collection includes lovable charms, pendants, cufflinks and more pays homage to beautiful expressions of love –

1. A Fairy Tale Love: Knights, Potions and Glass Slippers

“Every once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.” If you’re one of those who have found their happily-ever-after, look no further. Pair your favorite potion bottle pendant – All About Love Potion, Happily in Love Potion, Stardust Potion & Happily Ever After Potion, and an elegant necklace to let her know that you’re head over heels in love.

Potion Pendants Group Pic: All About Love on Chain, Stardust Necklace, Happily Ever After.

Girls, don’t forget your knight in shining armor… Make him smile with our collection of exquisite silver cufflinks.

Amour Collection - Knight's Move Cufflinks Fleur De Lis Cufflinks


2. That Classic Story: Color Me Red

Roses are red… and now they’re in silver too. Find a heartful expression of your love in some of our designs inspired by classic symbols of love and Valentine’s Day – hearts, roses and red. The Loving Heart Bead Charm Bracelet, the Sweetheart Necklace, Always in My Heart Necklace, the Heart to Heart Ring, the Floating Heart Pendant – are some of the many stunning designs with hearts as the central theme which makes for perfect Valentine’s gift.

Amour Collection - Sweetheart Necklace Heart to Heart Ring Floating Heart Pendant


3. The Language of Love

If you’ve always struggled to find the right words to express your love, here’s a way to say it in six different ways. The Language of Love Ring showcases the word “love” written in six different languages. Or you can always go for Letter Charms to spell out your love in style.

Amour Collection Language of love ring and love letters


4. A Charmed Love

There’s no better way to say “I Love You” than with a collection of all the things that s/he loves. Choose from over 300 designs of charms to weave a story about your love. For example, a Smile at the Rain Umbrella Charm – for how you met on a rainy day; a kettle charm, for your first date over tea; a Musical note charm – because you both love the same kind of music; her Zodiac Charm – because the stars just aligned; and an Eternal Knot Charm – to reflect the bond you have together.


5. Better Together: Couples Jewellery

Because life is always better when you’re together.

Another great Valentine’s gift idea for couples is the Unlock My Heart Charm and the Key To My Heart Charm – one for her, one for him. This is also a great gift to propose to your would-be girlfriend – go ahead, be the one to unlock her heart.

For love at first sight – because cupid got both of you.

Amour Collection Unlock My Heart and Key to my heart charm


6. Shh, it’s a Secret

You’re not the kind to wear your heart on your sleeve, but still, want to celebrate the love you have together. The Hidden Embrace pendant is perfect for those stolen moments.

Amour Collection Hidden Embrace Pendants


Wrapped With Love

Make your gift more personalized by including your own message (a handwritten gift note is complimentary with every fourseven purchase). In addition to our standard silk pouch, we’re packing all Valentine’s Gifts over INR 3000 in a special handcrafted red gift box – after all, the love is in the details. So what are you waiting for – shop your heart out!