How to build your perfect workwear jewellery collection

 9 to 5 collection workwear jewellery


Workwear Jewellery: Complete Your Professional Look

When it comes to work wear, it’s easy to focus only on the dress and shoes. And yet, it’s the smaller details – jewellery & accessories – that have the most stunning impact. Here’s how you can complete your professional look with a versatile workwear jewellery collection.

Keep in mind these five DO’s and DON’Ts for the workwear jewellery, and you will be well on your way to climbing the corporate ladder in style:


1) Light and Comfortable

Look for lightweight, hassle-free and comfortable jewellery that goes well with multiple outfits. Jewellery that gets tangled up in your clothes/hair, that you continuously need to readjust would just distract you from your work. Even if you’re wearing statement pieces – limit it to one per outfit.

fourseven gratia collection

Featured Collection: Gratia

Our new Gratia Collection is designed for the modern working woman. The elegant pieces are lightweight and comfortable enough to be worn daily. Available in both Silver and Silver with Gold plating, they go well with both Indian and Ethnic Outfits. The minimalistic geometric shapes are accentuated by semi-precious stones – Peridot, Smokey Quartz, Turquoise and Black Spinel.


2) Day / Night

Think about how well your jewellery transitions from the Day to Night Look. Considering our busy schedules, there often isn’t enough time to change into evening wear. If this sounds familiar to you, then stock up on pieces that work as hard as you do!

Moondrop Pearl Earrings & Necklace Set

Featured Set: Moondrop Pearl Earrings & Necklace Set

It is rightly said that pearls are always appropriate. The elegance and beauty of this stunning pearl set is unmatched. It’s adorned with genuine freshwater cultured pearls (certificate of authenticity included with every purchase) and expertly handcrafted in 925 Sterling Silver. However, the best feature is how easily it can help you can change your look. You can wear these earrings with just one strand (for example a white pearl dangler with the matching white pearl necklace) for client presentations. Throw in another pearl (the pink or the black) for lunches or team meetings. Go all out with three pearls for both your earrings and the necklace for when it’s time to party.

Also, there’s no need to worry about matching the colour of your jewellery to your outfit – pick whichever (or all) pearl strands that suit your mood and workday ensemble.


3) Bling is Out

Jewellery that is too blingy, or noisy is an absolute no-no. An armful of bangles, anklets with tiny bells, and flashy earrings are better for casual, or evening wear. Let your work speak for you – not your jewellery.

fourseven work it collection

Featured Collection: Work It Collection

The simple and classy pieces are perfect for the office. Workwear jewellery doesn’t get better than this. Colour meets simplicity in this versatile collection. What’s more, the starting price for this collection is just INR 900. Made in International Brass with Gold plating, the Work It Collection is ultra-affordable and suits the budget of the young professional.


4) Versatility – Refresh your Look

This is often one of the most important considerations when building your workwear jewellery collection. A single piece that can be worn in different ways for different occasions has a game-changing effect on your style quotient. You can refresh your look almost daily without having to spend a lot on jewellery and accessories.

charms and charm bracelet

Featured Collection: Charms and Charm Holders

Our charms are versatile by design – you can wear them on your wrist (bracelets – silver or beaded), neck (chains or charm necklaces) and even anklets. Starting at just INR 500, these charms can make a distinctive style statement. Wear a charm that you can relate to or is relevant for a particular occasion or situation. For example, perhaps a I’d Rather Be Reading Book Charm or Paint the Town Charm to reflect your hobbies, a Rangoli Ganesha or Goodluck Horseshoe for whenever you’re starting something new. The possibilities are endless. Charms are also great conversation-starters.


5) Let’s get personal

Your industry, company policies and so many other factors play a role in deciding what you wear. But in the end, it’s all about you. Your clothes and accessories reflect your personal choices and tastes and can be powerful pieces in telling your story.

fourseven brooches and cufflinks

Featured Categories: Cufflinks and Brooches

If you’re aiming to break the glass ceiling, there’s no reason for you to restrict yourself to “traditionally” feminine categories of jewellery. Why not add cufflinks to your business suit and make a unique style statement? As you negotiate on multi-crore deals or chart out the path for your organization, a pair of Knight’s Move Cufflinks could be your perfect partner. Inspired by the strategic game of chess, these cufflinks are something that every professional can relate to. Similarly, a Tarkash or Dhanush Brooch would add a nice touch to the wardrobe of a goal-oriented person.

Tell us how you pick out jewellery for your work day? Which pieces from our workwear jewellery collection are your favourites? Write to us at or comment on this post.