A Charming Gift for Your Mom this Mother’s Day

A Charming Gift For Your Mom

There are so many quotable quotes about mothers and motherhood. It’s really tough to pick just one. In addition to the many beautiful and touching quotes that dominate the search results, there are also some that are hilarious and are sure to put a smile on your face as you too reminisce about your own mother (or your own children, for that matter).

But in my own personal search, there was one quote that stood out among the rest for me. It’s short and sweet, but elegant and touching nonetheless.

“There’s no way to be a perfect mother, and yet a million ways to be a good one.”  — Jill Churchill

To me, this sums it all up. As mothers, we beat ourselves up every day for making wrong decisions or we compare ourselves to the best that we see in others and feel we pale in comparison, not giving credence to the fact that those others have made mistakes too. We also don’t take time to celebrate the wins – small and large – that make such a positive and lasting impact on our children.

Celebrating Mothers & Motherhood

Step back and think about your own mother. I bet the adjectives that come to mind immediately are along the lines of kind, giving, loving, strong, helpful, and other great words. But even so, it’s likely she doubted herself all through your childhood and maybe she still does today. Because every mother wants the very best for her children. Always. It’s just how we’re made.

It is in light of this notion that we decided to add a few new charms to the fourseven Charms collection to celebrate all the mothers out there who work tirelessly to give their children their best. They can be the perfect gift for your mom to show how much you care about her on this mother’s day.

माँ (MOM) Charm

Maa Mom) Charm on Marquis Simple Elegance Bracelet

Maa (Mom) Charm on Marquis Simple Elegance Bracelet

She ’s your Maa. Nobody else is or ever will be. What a perfect charm for her first charm bracelet? The fourseven Marquis Charm Bracelet with माँ (Mom) Charm is a great gift for your mom on this Mother’s Day. She is sure to love it!

The best part is that once she has her new charm bracelet, you can choose more charms to add to it on her birthday, for holidays or just because. It will be a special present that makes her happy because it shows how much you care.

All of the charms in the fourseven Charms collection can also be worn on a simple chain, a charm necklace or on a beautiful semi-precious bead bracelet for a touch of colour and elegance.

Motherhood Charm

माँ – Mom

मैत्री – Friendship

प्रज्ञा – Wisdom

स्नेह – Affection | Love

सत्त्व – Goodness | Purity | Harmony

Motherhood Charm Bead Bracelet

The qualities of a mother are numerous. Many more than could fit on a tiny charm. But we capture the true essence of motherhood in this beautiful charm that depicts two daisy flowers coming together with words that describe her written in Hindi script. She is wise. She is affectionate. She brings goodness and harmony to the family. She is a true friend. Most of all, she is your maa.

The fourseven Motherhood Charm is an elegant message for all the mothers out there whose inner light brightens the world of those around them.

Mother and Child Charm

Since the moment you became a part of her, she has nurtured you and protected you. This beautiful Mother and Child Charm depicts a mother whose arms are encircling her child in a loving and protective embrace.

Because no matter how old you are, you will always be her child.

Mother Child Bead Bracelet

Maybe she knows how you feel. Maybe she doesn’t yet. Either way, she will love your gift letting her know how special you think she is.

Dil Se Heart Charm

Even the simplest expressions of love can be powerful. The classic heart charm gets a gorgeous uplift with lovely designer accents for a touch of beauty and elegance. Pair the Dil Se Heart Charm with an elegant charm necklace or silver bracelet to let your mom know that she’s always in your heart.

Dil Se Heart Charm Bracelet

Gifting Guide For Mother’s Day

There are so many meaningful and personalized gift options that will make your mom feel special this Mother’s Day. Explore our Mother’s Day Collection to find the perfect fourseven gift for your mom.