Charming India

I hope you have had a chance to see our new video—Charming India.  It’s only a minute and a half long.  We know how busy everyone is, so we wanted to keep it short and sweet!  We made the video to help tell the story of our charms—the inspiration behind them and fun ways to wear them.  Our second video in this series will be released very soon.

The inspiration is quite simple—life in India.  It’s so beautiful and so wonderful on so many levels.  Yet with the hustle and bustle and the chaos that often results, it’s easy to overlook the very things that make living here special, fun and, well, charming!

From the patriotic symbols of the nation’s fight for independence to the globally-coveted colourful apparel and accessories to the prolific spiritual elements that provide unique meaning to the various sub-cultures within the country, India is a nation rich in charm.  Couple these with the small, often taken for granted, nuances that make living here fun, and you too will agree.  India is charming.

The street hawkers with their yummy goodies that just can’t be replicated elsewhere; the chai walla who dishes out fresh hot sweet masala chai at a mere 7 rupees; the look of a child’s face when she sees the sweet mango is all hers; the turban-sporting man who always has a smile on his face though the heat is unbearable.  These are but a few of the amazing facets of Indian life that I find truly charming.

But, I found myself overlooking them.  It’s easy.  We’re busy.  We’re tired.  We just want to get there fast, get done, and get home.  But I find I’m not truly happy when life is so chaotic and I neglect to really see and experience the beauty that surrounds me.  I make it a point to ride the cycle rickshaw when we head into dense markets.  The small, often aged cyclist carrying our weight as if it is nothing. I also love to ride in an auto—the tuktuk is a blessing.  If you’ve ever been in a place where you have to call two hours in advance to get an overpriced taxi that may or may not show up, you may agree.  But for me, it’s the auto walla who wordlessly carries us from point A to point B, but whose smile I love to see when I cringe at how close the bus got to us on the turn or when we thank him upon reaching our destination.

Our fourseven charms are meant to create a connection with the wearer.  If you’re a chai lover like I am or you love your kolhapuris, or if the rickshaw is your favourite mode of transportation, you may just find our charms a bit charming too!

Please do let us know.  We have many more in the pipeline—so please do check back often.

If you have some ideas for charms you’d like to see, please  We’d love to hear from you!