Charming Your Way With Charm Bracelets—Style Alert From Tinsel Town

With the New York and Brooklyn Fashion Weeks behind us, it is time to zoom into the top trends that wowed us. Of course, amid the horde of choices, the Chinese bags, armlets and the monochrome blazers caught our eye. However, the surprise style trend that hit the bull’s eye is that of the charm bracelet.

While charms have been associated with diverse cultures across continents, this time it has caught our fancy—besides appealing to the bigwigs of the glamour world. Let’s have a quick look at some top celebs who swear by their charm bracelets.

Silver Bracelet - Salman Khan


Salman Khan—The original bad-guy turned suave-man from Bollywood, Salman Khan is perhaps the first to introduce his silver bracelet to which he refers as his own charm bracelet as a daily accessory to all of us. Oh yes, the firoza turquoise stone set into strands of heavy silver links make for a show indeed. Just the right fit, the right combo and Salman does know how to charm us!

Trivia—word on the street—Salman Khan went into panic mode after losing his charm bracelet at a party! Only for a friend to find it in the resort’s swimming pool-phew!

Charm Bracelet - Parineeti Chopra


Parineeti Chopra—The bubble in buzzy-Bollywood. Parineeti Chopra is one cute chick whom we have caught flaunting astar-charm bracelet at several promotions. Now, we have not had the sneaking rights to figure out the details up close. Yet we love the way the sleek charm bracelet oozes elegance as she moves.




Katy Perry


Katy Perry—So much is her addiction to charm bracelets and jewellery that Perry is set to launch her very own jewellery line in collaboration with Claire’s. If her personal fetish is judge of what could be in store—then we scream out—CHARMS! Yes, Perry flaunts the best of charms at numerous outings. In fact, keeping her personality in mind, we guess she would totally go in for our fourseven nazir battu charm to Keep Evil at Bay!

Charming Your Way

If you are wracking those grey cells about the perfect charm bracelet in India, then some tips could do you good.


charms bracelet india


Do not merely ape your celeb-idols—The  beauty of charms is their versatility. There’s no right or wrong way to don your charms. On a big wide leather cuff, a delicate chain, a chunky bracelet or a long necklace with a whole slew together. Did you know you can even wear your fourseven charms on anklets and rings? If you’re the I-gotta-be-me type, you may want to even slip one onto your huge hoop earrings just for fun! With charms, whatever strikes your fancy is the winning bet!

Popular Indian fashion designer Maria Khan recently quipped, “Charms are back….” And we know how! Get going the charms’ way.