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No matter who the gift is meant for, be it your friends and family or for a corporate connection, a gift is a meaningful gesture that conveys important emotions. For companies, a gift could be given to celebrate a milestone or a festival, as tokens of appreciation or for one of many reasons to strengthen relations with employees, investors, vendors, clients and customers. It is thus important that you carefully select corporate gifts that are meaningful and unique and also reinstate the emotions or value you are trying to convey to your corporate partners.

It can be hard to find corporate gifting options that tell your story and also meet the requirements of the situation. However, you need not worry. At fourseven, we offer plenty of irresistible corporate gift options and bundles for you.

How To Choose The Perfect Corporate Gifts

Choosing the perfect corporate gift for your stakeholders requires a lot of thought. You want to convey the highest degree of value but also remain within your budgetary constraints. We understand that and can help you find perfect gifts that are elegant and classy but are not draining your pockets. Some things to consider before selecting your corporate gifts:

  1. Be mindful- Select gifts that match the occasion. Be it a festival, to convey gratitude or to honour someone’s contribution, your gifts should reflect that thought. At the same time, your gifts should also align with your values and your company’s culture.
  2. Convey a Message- Try to personalise your gifts. The receiver should feel that you’ve put some thought into the gift and understand the message you’re trying to convey. Gifts open up doors for better communication by establishing a relation of admiration and respect with your partners.
  3. Distinguishes Your Brand- Be it employees or investors and clients, you want them to cherish the gift they receive. Your gifts should be unique and distinctive, something that grabs people’s attention and also stays with them for a long time.


Corporate Gifts for Special Events

It is the dedication, commitment, and hard work of your employees and investors that contribute to the success of any organization whether small, medium or large. Hence, it is vital to support this relationship from time to time. The appropriate gift can convey the spirit behind any event and ensure that it becomes a timeless memory for your employees, investors or clients.  You could give gifts to celebrate the achievement of specific goals, to celebrate a company milestone, to honour a long-standing partnership and more. The opportunities here are endless. Convey your appreciation for an employee who goes beyond the call of duty with unique and personalised gifts that make the employee feel like their efforts are valued. You could reward your outstanding employee with our Beautiful Mind Cufflinks or the Beautiful Mind Pendant. The Beautiful Mind Pendant pays tribute to the curious, the solvers, the ones who love puzzles and is a way to encourage and appreciate your employees to think out of the box. Convey your gratitude to clients or business associates, for their support and partnership and honour this bond with elegant and timeless gifts like the Shri Ganesha Shloka Pendant, they’re sure to love. The Shri Ganesha Shloka Pendant is etched with one of the oldest shlokas- “Vakratunda Mahakaya,” invoking Lord Ganesha and requesting for help to remove obstacles and create a clear path for success and happiness. We also have a range of gender-neutral gifting options like bookmarks and tealight holders that are suitable for anyone and for any occasion.

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Corporate Gifts For Festivals

Festivals are a celebratory time for everyone and the act of gift exchange during festivals is a timeless tradition prevalent worldwide. Festivals are also a great occasion to appreciate an employee or client’s year-long association and hard work and nothing better than a meaningful gift to convey this sentiment. Elite and meaningful gifts you may give your employees on special occasions such as Diwali, Holi, Christmas, etc. can work wonders for their motivation and in turn for your business too. Choose auspicious or spiritual gifts that are appropriate for the occasion like the Ganapati Brooch or Lakshmi & Ganesh ji Charm paired with a chain. You could also pick more personalised options like the Atharva Cufflinks for men and one of our many Charm Bracelets with auspicious charms of your choice for the ladies. Each festival has traditions of its own and bearing that in mind, you could also get your employees or clients gifts that are suitable for specific occasions. For Diwali, you could get beautiful decorative pieces like the Diwali Tea Light Holder that illuminates the room with beautiful patterns from its cutwork design. Christmas is a time for merriment, good food and great wine, so one of our Wine Charms sets like the Indian Masala Wine Charms set will be a fun gifting option to spread some Holiday Cheer. Festivals are the perfect time to strengthen your bonds with your priceless clients and employees, by showcasing your respect and gratitude for them through priceless gifts.

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Customised Corporate Gifting Options

You can delight your customers, clients or employees with fully customizable gift card images and save on e-gift cards with our corporate volume discounts. We also work with companies to design fully customised corporate gifts to suit your requirements and budgetary restrictions. Our designers can work with you right from the ideation process, helping you identify the perfect gift and then creating that gift with particular specifications or requirements you may have. We understand your concerns and are ready to help you overcome them. Connect with us directly for creating unique, customized orders with personalized messages and company logos. We welcome bulk orders from organizations and make a point to deliver your corporate gifts on time.

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Explore our unique and versatile range of gender-neutral corporate gifting options or non-jewellery gifting options only on Avoid the commotion and stress of organising gifts last-minute by pre-ordering your corporate gifts online from the comfort of your office or home and get them delivered right to your doorstep. What are you waiting for? Place your orders today or get in touch with us for any queries.