Father’s Day Gifts

We know that finding that perfect gift for your father can be really challenging. After all, what can be a good enough gift for the person who has been working tirelessly and still keep smiling at the end of the day? How do you say thank you to the person who has always been there for you? Well, every small gesture counts and taking out the time to celebrate special moments and acknowledging the love and support you have received from your father is the perfect way to celebrate Father’s Day. Here’s our guide of Father’s Day gifts :

The one who always has your back

Father's Day Gifts

Hasn’t he always been the one who keeps himself grounded and also motivates you to do the same? He has always told you to spread your wings to fly high but also to remember from where you started. The life long lessons and the wisdom and support that he has given you has only kept you moving further in life. This father’s day, what can be a more perfect gift than the fourseven Tree of Life Cufflinks?  A universal symbol of connection, roots, family, life, honour, and love, the tree of life symbol is brought to life in these exquisitely crafted cufflinks.

Roots and Wings Cuff Bangle

Apart from the cufflinks, the Roots and Wings Cuff Bangle is especially designed for all the great Dads out there who give their children unconditional love and support. We all know that fathers mean the world to their children. The best fathers play two primary roles. First, to establish their children’s roots and give them a sense of safety, security and belonging. Second, to give their children wings, teaching them how to stand on their own two feet and follow their dreams in life. The Roots and Wings Motif on this bangle also holds a deep meaning and is something your father would cherish for years to come.

Your Hero: Protective & Brave

Who do we look upto when we are in any sort of trouble? You can always see your father protecting you, standing like a rock and being there for you no matter what. Fearless and strong, that’s what he is. fourseven’s Fearless Rune Cufflinks are an amazing gift to your dad if you think he has always been brave and determined in his life, especially for his children. Ashok Chakra Cufflinks also celebrate bravery and are the perfect gifts for the dad who is your hero.

Fearless Rune Cufflinks and Ashok Chakra Cufflinks

A father is naturally protective of his family and especially his children. The Dhanush & Tarkash Brooch are an ode to truth and loyalty in life. Dhanush is the symbol of good things and truth and Tarkash being the symbol of righteousness and sense of responsibility makes a flawless gift for him, without any doubt. Father’s Day gifts are especially memorable when they are also meaningful.

Father's Day Gifts: Brooches

A Source of Peace and Strength

Anytime in your life when you needed advice or just wanted someone to listen to you, maybe a bad day or just a small fight with friends, your father was always there for you. He has always been your source of strength. His strength in turn helps you find peace in chaos or just the everyday courage to pull yourself up and rock the day. If your father has been that same source of energy and positivity in your life, then the fourseven Gautama Ring is for you. Gautama, the source of Awakening, Enlightenment and Nirvana has been inspiring people all over the world. The ring is adjustable which makes it so easy to gift – because you don’t have to worry about getting the size right.

Gautama Ring Adjustable

Your Guide and Lifelong Mentor

Your father has been a guide and mentor to you throughout your life.

Knight's Move Cufflinks

A knight is the only piece in chess with such a distinctive move. Similarly, as you navigate through life, your father has been like a mentor to you – advising you, guiding you. The Knight’s Move Cufflinks are a thoughtful and inspiring gift.

His special day deserves to be extra-special. Tell us how you plan to surprise your dad this Father’s Day.