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Diwali or Deepawali is one of the biggest Hindu festivals, celebrated with much grandeur all over the world. The celebration of Diwali finds its origins in the Indian religious scriptures and has many stories associated with it. The most popular one being the one from Ramayana, where on Lord Rama’s return from his 14 years long exile, the people of his kingdom Ayodhya, lit up their houses with ‘diyas’ to welcome him and also pave the way. No matter which story we read, Diwali has always been a cause of celebration. Either due to the triumph of good over evil or due to the joy of reuniting with loved ones or an astrologically auspicious time for new beginnings. Apart from welcoming a new beginning, the tradition of exchanging Diwali gifts is also very popular.  

The Tradition of Diwali Gifts

Diwali is probably one of the grandest Indian festivals. Diwali is a festival to celebrate prosperity and abundance, a tradition that evolved from the celebration of the end of the harvest season and the beginning of new crops and possibilities. Diwali is a time when people are ecstatic and heady with cheerful emotions and go out of their way to splurge on themselves and their loved ones. The significance of buying new things and exchanging meaningful gifts on Diwali arises from the feeling of bonding, appreciation and respect for your loved ones. Gifts are a way to convey your love, wishes and blessings and thus they must be thoughtfully chosen to create a memorable experience. People also buy auspicious gifts for themselves and to decorate their homes, praying to the Lords for success, prosperity and abundance in their future endeavours.   


Ideas for Diwali Gifts

Auspicious and Festive Jewellery for Women

Diwali is the festival of Goddess Lakshmi – the Hindu God of wealth and prosperity. People spend money on religious and auspicious items and embellish their homes to welcome the Goddess and seek blessings of abundance. Diwali is also a time for change and new beginnings, thus people seek blessings of Lord Ganesha or ‘Vighnaharta’ to remove all obstacles from their path. One of the most widely bought items on Diwali are Lakshmi and Ganesh coins in gold or silver. They are not only auspicious but also make great gifting options. The fourseven Lakshmi & Ganesh Ji Dangler Earrings in silver or 14K gold-plating are a perfect choice for the festive season. You can also get the Lakshmi & Ganeshji Charm and create a beautiful set that is both auspicious and fashionable at the same time. For a more playful look, you can look at some of our Diwali themed jewellery, inspired by traditional Diwali decor and firecrackers. Inspired by the paper lanterns or ‘Akash Kandeel’ that are lit during Diwali and believed to ward off negative energy, the Kandeel Earrings in silver or Colourful Kandeel Tassel Earrings will add a fun touch to your festive outfits and make for unique Diwali gift options. For a more quirky style, you can also get the Firecracker Pendant and pair it with your favourite chain. Make your loved ones happy with these unique Diwali gifts and jewellery they will cherish forever.

Lakshmi Ganesh Dangler Earrings in Gold Diwali Gifts Blog Kandeel Dangler Earrings Diwali Gifts Blog


Accessories and Diwali Gifts for Men

When it comes to men’s jewellery, there are a few festive options that are a must have with Indian outfits. For the man who appreciates style, fourseven has designed unique kurta button sets to help him bring in the festive season with a bit of panache. The Shri Yantra Kurta Buttons are a set of four. Each is a beautiful rendition of a different yantra and together they represent the spiritual journey from material existence to ultimate enlightenment. This is a perfectly auspicious accessory that’ll add a unique style to your festive outfits. We also have a more quirky Cricket Kurta Buttons set for all the cricket lovers. This is a set of six playful buttons to let you unleash the child in you. The set contains:

  • A bat
  • A ball
  • The wicket
  • The bales
  • A glove
  • A helmet

Have a little fun this Diwali with unique accessories for yourself or Diwali gifts that your favourite men are going to love. On a more traditional note, you can also explore some of our elegant and subtle auspicious jewellery options like the Ganapati Brooch or Atharva Cufflinks. You could also create a custom set by pairing our Rudraksh or Moli Bracelets with an auspicious charm of your choice like the Simplicity Rudraksh Bracelet with the Shree Yantra Charm.

Shri Yantra Kurta Button Set Diwali Gifts Blog Atharva cufflinks Diwali Gifts Blog



The age-old tradition of gift exchange and big celebrations was always associated with sharing ‘mithai’ or traditional dairy-based Indian sweets. However, with people becoming increasingly health conscious and aware of what they eat, this tradition is slowly fading away. Fret not, if you’re a dessert person but worry about the calories, the fourseven Diwali Sweets Kurta Buttons are a set of four buttons celebrating the sweets of the season. The set includes Jalebi, Modak, Laddu and Barfi – favourite Indian Mithai and completely guilt free! The Laddu and Jalebi are plated in gold, while the Modak and Barfi remain in silver, giving a nice two-tone finish to the set.

Diwali Sweets Kurta Button Set Diwali Gifts Blog


Non-Jewellery Diwali Gifts

Diwali is not just about new clothes and accessories. People invest a lot of time decorating their homes and offices with auspicious items. It is believed that investing in metal items, especially precious metals like gold and silver, is a harbinger of more wealth and abundance.

Unique Gifts for Dhanteras

The Diwali celebrations usually commence with Dhanteras. It is a day when people choose to invest their money in big purchases like homes and cars and especially in gold and silver products like coins and jewellery. Keeping true to the tradition of buying new metal items, people also buy new utensils for their homes. This Dhanteras, why not celebrate in style with fourseven’s newest addition to the festive collection- The Miniature Thali! Designed to hold your favourite fourseven charms, the Miniature Thali is a real silver-plated tray with intricately etched lotus flowers in bright pink and saffron enamel work. Gorgeous all on its own, this adorable Thali is also a great way to showcase your Dhanteras silver utensil charms:  the Kettle, the Karhai, the Matka, the Kalash, the Chai Cutting and the Kulhad. These charms are all auspicious for Dhanteras. The best part? You can use your Thali for your puja and then after Diwali, wear your charms all year around!

Lotus Petal Miniature Thali With Charms Diwali Gifts Blog


Diwali Lamps

Diwali, also popularly known as the ‘festival of lights’ is a time when people light lamps all over their homes to ward off darkness which is symbolic of the evil in their lamps and welcome the light that is symbolic of success and prosperity. Any Diwali celebration is incomplete without lamps. fourseven has a unique collection of lamps, traditional yet with a twist towards contemporary. Light up your homes or make your loved ones happy with these beautiful Diwali gifts and tealight holders from fourseven.

The newest additions to our festive collection, the Lotus Tealight Holders from fourseven are beautiful lotus-shaped holders designed to hold a tealight candle. Intricate detailing and hand-enamel work make these Lotus Tealight Holders a must-have this festive season. Each is plated in real silver with gold accents on the petals. The colourful rangoli discs celebrate the Goddess Lakshmi ji’s footprints in bright festive pink, saffron and blue. These discs are detachable so that you can simply remove them while burning your tealights and afterwards, place the disc inside the holder for a beautiful display. We also have intricate cutwork tealight holders and when the tealight is lit, the lovely mural is illuminated in reflection on surrounding walls for a brilliant effect in the spirit of Diwali. The fourseven Diwali Tealight Holder is adorned with jaali cutwork of Kandeels, Diyas, Stars and other patterns reminiscent of Diwali celebrations.

Lotus Tealight Holder Collection Pic Diwali Gifts Blog


Lakshmi ji Ganesh ji Auspicious Bookmark

As the weather changes and the cool air gets us into the festive spirit, there’s no better time to curl up with a good book! Therefore, we decided to design a bookmark that celebrates the season and makes a great gift for those avid readers in your life. The fourseven Lakshmi Ganeshji Auspicious Bookmark celebrates the vast knowledge that comes from reading. The cutwork design features Lord Ganesha- the Hindu God of wisdom and knowledge- and his consort Goddess Lakshmi- the god of wealth and abundance. The bookmark signifies that reading is the only way to gather abundant knowledge and wisdom.

Lakshmi Ganesh Bookmark Diwali Gifts Blog

More than the Diwali gifts, it’s the thought, the feeling of sharing joy, love and blessings that we cherish. The shared experience and memories that we build together with the selfless act of exchanging gifts and making people happy is what makes festive times and celebrations so joyous. Gifts are only a means to communicate your emotions towards your loved ones so it’s always nice to get gifts that they will treasure for a long time to come. Our festive gifts collection at fourseven is handcrafted taking on a modern take on traditional and religious practices to make your Diwali gifts extra special and unique.