fourseven Serenity Collection: Yoga Inspired Jewellery

fourseven serenity collection yoga inspired jewellery

Yoga, Fashion and Jewellery

This International Yoga Day, we are exploring the impact of Yoga on the fashion industry and more specifically on jewellery and accessories. The relationship between yoga and fashion is well known. It is part of a larger workout wear fashion trend. Nowadays, workout clothing has become a wardrobe staple. This trend can be seen in accessories as wearable technology like health trackers and smartwatches are worn to work out and to the workplace. Of the various health activities, many people practise yoga to be physically and mentally fit. It’s a complete mind-body workout which includes strengthening and stretching poses with deep breathing and meditation or relaxation. With yoga comes yoga inspired fashion and with fashion comes yoga inspired jewellery.

History of International Yoga Day

International Day of Yoga or commonly known as Yoga Day is celebrated annually on June 21st. On 11th of December 2014, it was declared by United Nations General Assembly that 21st  June of every year will be celebrated as International Yoga Day. It was done after the call by our Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi to United Nation General Assembly for adopting 21st June as an International Yoga Day.

Yoga and Jewellery

If you love yoga and you want everyone to know, then our handcrafted yoga inspired jewellery collection is just for you. Wearing the yoga inspired jewellery will make you feel inspired and serene. The collection incorporates various yoga asanas and yogic principles. You can choose to wear your favourite pose around your neck, wrist or ankle and show your love for yoga and be inspired to keep practising.

Our Serenity Collection is a yoga inspired jewellery collection that represents the favourite asanas which also serve as symbols of achievements and personal goals. Each piece of our collection carries a message and holds special meaning for the wearer. Our yoga inspired jewellery collection is inspirational, meaningful and unique. Each piece of our jewellery is made of 925 sterling silver and stamped for authenticity. Check out our extraordinary Serenity Collection which you can wear yourself or gift to your loved ones on any occasion.

fourseven Serenity Collection: Yoga Inspired Jewellery


 Yogi Warrior Pose Charm in Gold

This adorable Yogi Warrior Pose Charm in Gold represents strength, balance and power. Virbhadra’s Pose or Warrior Pose is a standing yoga pose to build strength and stability. The gold and silver art on the charm will make you look sharp and focused. It will look great as a pendant on a chain or on a charm necklace.

Yogi King Cobra Pose Charm Gold


The King Cobra pose is meant to resemble the cobra when it raises its head and readies itself to strike. It is an advanced version of cobra pose that helps you reduce stress and improve blood circulation. Our Yogi King Cobra Charm represents this yoga position and all its benefits perfectly. This versatile piece of jewellery can be worn on your favourite charm bracelet, necklace, anklet or stand-alone as a pendant.

Yoga Locust Elegance Pendant


This beautiful Yoga Locust Elegance Pendant gives you the inspiration to get moving and surrender to the power of yoga. Also known as “Salabhasana”, it is a powerful way to strengthen the entire back of your body. If you want an elegant piece of jewellery that can be worn on multiple occasions and add flexibility to your look then you should add it your collection.

Yoga Girl Earrings in Pigeon Pose

Kapotasana or more popularly known as Pigeon pose not only stimulates the internal organs but also helps to reduce and eliminate negative effects of stress on the body. Get some extra inspiration with these lovely Yoga Girl Earrings in Pigeon Pose and keep your practice close to you. To get these lovely earrings visit our yoga inspired jewellery collection.

Yoga Tree Pose Charm in Silver

This fun and quirky jewellery will enhance your style statement. You can wear it with your charm bracelet, necklace, pendant and anklet. Yogi Tree Pose Charm is inspired from Vrikshasana or Tree Pose. It is one of the difficult yet effective group of poses.

fourseven has crafted the Serenity collection to not only represent our favourite asanas but also serve as symbols of our achievements and personal goals. While each charm may carry a different and special meaning for the wearer, the beautiful display of craftsmanship and artistry would be admired by all. Browse the serenity collection to find a personal choice to symbolise your true self.

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