Gifts for Girls

Okay, so you’ve decided to give her a gift. Now what?

There are myriad options out there. If she’s anything like most young girls, she’s got a mind of her own. She knows what she likes and what she doesn’t like. What’s more daunting is that what she loved a few short months ago may be totally on her hate list now. “That’s so last year.”

It can be confusing. Let us help.

Why not give her something timeless. Something she will love now and cherish forever? Something that even if it eventually becomes “so last year” at some point, it will come back around to being her favourite thing – and the best part – she will remember you for it.

Sterling silver charms on a gorgeous charm bracelet or charm necklace.

It’s simple. Choose one or more charms that represent things that she loves.  You can give them to her just like that because she can wear them on a chain or beaded bracelet she already owns. Or, you can add them to a fourseven charm bracelet or necklace and get her collection started. If you don’t know what she loves, it’s easy to start with her initial. Alphabet charms are always a big hit!

Dream Alphabet Charms

Then, any time you feel like giving her a gift in the future, you can always consider adding another charm. You would be helping her build her own special story each time you add a charm to her collection. She may look back on her charm bracelet in the future and think “wow, was I really into sports so much back then? It’s hard to believe!”  Or, maybe she’ll think “I used to love painting – I should get back into it.” Whichever the case may be, she will always cherish these fond memories.

The best part? Her charms will never go out of style, because she can wear them however she wants. A single charm on a chain or anklet. A single charm highlighted on a charm bracelet or necklace. She can even clip a charm onto her beaded bracelet or necklace. Anything goes! So, even if her tastes change over the years, her charms will remain timelessly in style.

Children's Charm Bracelets

Still not sold on charm yet? No worries, we have classic jewellery gifts for girls, too. How about a beautiful pair of sterling silver stud earrings in a beautiful design that she is sure to love? You can rest easy knowing that your selection is high quality and made with pure materials that are safe even for sensitive skin.

Twinkling Star Earrings

With fourseven jewellery, she is in good hands.

As we grow and expand our jewellery collection for girls, do reach out to us and let us know your suggestions. We would love to hear from you!

Wishing you much happiness always,

Team fourseven