Mickey Collection by fourseven

“Laughter is timeless; Imagination has no age; and Dreams are forever.”  — Walt Disney

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of being either an astronaut, a ballerina, a famous artist, or a concert pianist. In my mind, each was an easily attainable goal. I imagined myself capable of anything I could, well, imagine.

Fast forward a decade or so and I realised that I’m afraid of heights; I’ve got flat feet; my ‘advanced artistic ability’ is no longer advanced at all; and, jamming with my brother’s band and playing a few tunes to wow my friends will not put me on the stage.

So, computer science and business it was.

Going the geek route turned out to be a great choice for me. Though it’s a ‘science’, software engineering most certainly has its creative side. Analytical creativity, I like to think. Writing a program is like solving a puzzle with a paintbrush. Of course, this was decades ago when WYSIWYG was yet to come onto the scene. Now, toh, you can drag and drop your code, so the analogy loses its punch. (And, yes, I’ve worked with punch cards too….if you must know.)

When I made the decision to pursue another path after having advanced into middle management in the world of engineering, my heart was still captained by my younger self as I again longed to do something creative. My imagination filled my heart with dreams of becoming a designer for Walt Disney and being a part of their collaborative think tank of ideation.

But, my head won the battle and I went for my MBA instead.

Once again, this turned out to be an excellent choice. The MIT Sloan School of Management is a great environment for digging deep and exploring your academic passion. Surrounded by amazing thought leaders from around the world, I found myself in the thick of the discussion “What does the Internet mean for business?”

After B-school, I joined Microsoft with a focus on e-commerce. Technology and business, coming together like never before. We were the pioneers inside the growing-soon-to-be-behemoth company figuring out what role Microsoft had in helping businesses take their catalogs online. The idea of a digital wallet was just that, an idea…until there was the Microsoft Wallet. We were on the forefront of digital payments, secure transactions, B2B supply chain integration and customer-facing predictive analytics. Businesses like Nordstrom, ToysRUs and 1800Flowers were part of our early adopter team and I had the great benefit of learning alongside them as we forged the path to digital business together.

Busy, busy, busy. My career was crazy demanding and I loved it. Microsoft is a playground wherein you get the top-of-the-line toys, all ideas are not only welcome but also supported, and creativity reigns king (or queen, if you prefer). It was the perfect balance for me.

A few years in, however, and life changed. After each of my children was born, I went back to work; but it was definitely different. My mindshare was split between home and work, and, as it should be, home won out when push came to shove. When I left my career, I found a new outlet for my creativity with my children. Acting out the characters in the books we read together; teaching them about music, dance and art; throwing minutely detailed theme birthday parties from scratch, decorating the house for every possible holiday, … we did it all.  I was definitely in my element!

Fast forward once more and we have moved to India. When our children are settled in school and I decide to start something of my own, my heart again tells me to follow my dreams and go the creative route. But this time.…. I listen.

Jewellery design is most definitely creative. Especially at fourseven. Everyday we let our imaginations take the wheel for a bit and see where it leads us. Our collections speak for themselves. Quirky, fun, unique; yet also elegant, meaningful and timeless. I am so proud of what we have accomplished. More importantly, I continue to be excited by where we are headed. Creativity, business and technology come together as a platform for our success.

So, when I received a note from the Disney India team asking us to consider a collaboration, it did not register at first. My heart had suppressed those dreams of working with Disney long ago. 23 years to be exact. I glossed over it, thinking it must be spam or junk. But eventually persistence won out and well, the rest is history, as they say.

We are now in the middle of launching the fourseven Disney Collection and celebrating the 90th birthday of Mickey Mouse. I remember practicing my sketching using Mickey as a model when I was a young girl. His cute smile and bright eyes always brightening my day. Mickey and Minnie are a timeless love story and our adorable dangler earrings, ear studs, lariat necklace, charms and charm bracelet are all a tribute to how much Mickey Loves Minnie! Please do check out the whole collection. We’ve made everything from statement pieces to minimalist everyday wear items all honouring the “mouse that started it all.”

For me, putting a bit of our own fourseven design language into the collection is what it’s all about. That touch of ethnicity and element of artistry that defines fourseven and enables us to leave our mark, even on 90-year-old icons like Mickey Mouse.

Working with Disney is a dream come true. It’s also the perfect match for fourseven.

Our philosophy has always been about connecting with our customers deeply through our designs. Bringing Disney, Disney Princess, Winnie the Pooh and Marvel themes into the fold is a natural fit. We are excited about the tremendous opportunity to incorporate these global iconic characters into our collections.

Imagine Blog Disney Princess

What’s next after Mickey makes his mark? I imagine it will be spectacular. We’ll keep you posted.