Maa (माँ): A Celebration of Motherhood


Maa is a universal sound that babies make early on, usually their first utterances, as they learn to express themselves through spoken language. It is no wonder, then, that most languages have a word that sounds very similar to Maa to represent mothers.

Madre, mom, ahm, majka, moeder, maman, mor, mana, mamma, majka, matka, moeder, …

But we love the sweetest of them all: Maa.  It is an endearing title as it should be. The relationship between a child and his or her mother is like no other. Yes, there is respect and obedience and as children advance to teenage years, maybe even a bit of healthy fear! But, there is also comfort and safety and love and acceptance and joy. It is really hard to put into words the breadth of emotion that is shared between a mother and a child.

Even the mothers of highly successful and accomplished world leaders would consider their 60+ year old children as their ‘babies’ and think of them first and foremost as someone they need to care for and protect. That’s just it. This unconditional love and acceptance is forever.

There’s a saying that a Mother’s job is to teach her children not to need her anymore. It also says that the hardest part is accepting her success. Great parents give their children strong roots so they can feel connected to something stable and forever; and then they give them wings so that they can fly on their own and make their own life journeys.

But even after they’ve flown away, they still need Maa. That connection is unbreakable.

At fourseven, we celebrate motherhood. New mothers, soon-to-be-mothers, mothers with grown children, all mothers. Because we know that every mother in the world, despite her external success, should be proudest of her role as Maa.

We’ve designed a few pieces that the special mother in your life may love:

Mother And Child Charm

Mother And Child Charm by fourseven

Maybe she knows how you feel. Maybe she doesn’t yet. Either way, she will love your gift letting her know how special you think she is.

This beautiful Mother and Child Charm depicts a mother whose arms are encircling her child in a loving embrace. This fourseven Charm is a lovely gift that she will cherish forever.

Maa Harmony Ball Pendant or Necklace


The fourseven Maa Harmony Ball Necklace celebrates motherhood in all its forms. For expecting mothers, the harmony ball jingles a sweet sound gently for the yet-to-be-born baby. Music is said to calm the baby in the womb. After your child is born, the necklace is a symbol of the beauty of being a mother and the beautiful music you make together as your child grows up.

Etched on one side with the tree of life, its roots fully established while its branches reach to the sky, the Harmony Ball signifies the connection of family and the role of parents to give their children the safety and comfort of belonging. The beautiful jaali माँ written in Hindi on the other side celebrates mothers around the world who give their unconditional love to their children. The Harmony Ball is also a reminder that no matter how old your children are, you will always be “Maa” and it is the roots you helped them to establish that gives them the wings to fly.


Style in My DNA Cuff Bracelet

Style In My DNA Cuff Bracelet by fourseven

If you’ve got style, then you probably got it from your parents! This designer bracelet is a great mix of quirky and elegant.

It’s a light and fun way of letting your mom know you think she’s great, right down to her style.

The fourseven Charms collection is all about celebrating our passions and the beautiful and positive things in our world. From hobbies, to life milestones, to wishes and good luck; from cultural to spiritual to just fun or beautiful. You may just find the perfect charming gift for your Maa here!

Wishing you and your Maa much happiness.

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