Memorable Rakhi Gifts For Sisters

Memorable Rakhi Gifts For Sisters Blog

This Rakhi, surprise and pamper your sister with exquisite silver jewellery options that are sure to make her feel like a princess. fourseven has a wonderful assortment of Rakhi gifts for sisters that are sure to make her feel special.


We’ve all been party to numerous brother-sister fights as kids (and most of us even as adults), and eventually needing an older person to intervene and pass a rational judgement. With age, even though the things we fought over changed, going from toys, to the remote, to parking space, every household discussion is still majorly dominated by this friendly banter. Despite all this bickering and disagreeing, we all know that our siblings are our constant companions, they will have our backs when we need someone to cover for us in front of the parents or need a ride to a friends house in the middle of the night. The love between a brother and sister only grows deeper and stronger with every argument and every major life milestone we share together and this love deserves to be cherished and celebrated.


Raksha Bandhan is a time to honour the selfless love between a brother and a sister. A time to acknowledge the timeless relationship where a brother unspokenly promises to protect and love his sisters forever. Raksha Bandhan is a ritualistic celebration of honouring this promise when sisters tie ‘rakhi’ or a sacred thread on their brothers’ wrists as a symbol of their unbreakable bond, and the brothers then recognize this gesture by bringing rakhi gifts for their sister.


We know how difficult it is to buy a meaningful gift for someone, let alone your sister, who will find joy in criticising everything you get for her. Fourseven offers a beautiful assortment of rakhi gifting options for your sister. Intricately handcrafted in 92.5 Silver, these elegant jewellery pieces are sure to impress.  


Rakhi Gifts For Sister


Charms are not just amulets for good luck, they make meaningful rakhi gifts for sisters. Choose a charm that is stylish and symbolizes your sister’s story. These versatile accents, loved by girls of all ages, can easily be added to bracelets, necklaces and anklets to step up the style quotient. Choose from a variety of charms or pair a charm with our beaded or silver bracelets, necklaces and anklets, to make a perfect Rakhi gift for your sister. You can get one of the Disney Inspired Charms like the Aladdin inspired Magic Genie Lamp Charm or the Cinderella-inspired If The Shoe Fits Charm for cute baby sisters, cousins and nieces. For someone who is older, you can choose a charm that represents her personality, like the supercute Boo Charm for the Snapchat addict or I’d Rather Be Reading Book Charm for the novel-nerd!

Boo Charm & Stiletto Charm Memorable Rakhi Gifts For Sisters Memorable Rakhi Gifts For Your Sister


You can never go wrong with earrings! Unlike clothes, with earrings, there is no problem of size or fit. Earrings make for great Rakhi gifts for sister since every girl loves her accessories. Choose something that not only looks great but also matches her personality. You can get the Silver Half-Moon Jaal Baalis for a chic and trendy sister who loves making a bold statement or the graceful Tree Of Life Earrings for someone who is more substance over style and prefers a minimalistic look.

Tree Of Life Earrings



Just like charms, pendants make versatile rakhi gifts for sisters and can be paired with different necklace options for a stylishly elegant look. Our ornate pendants are amazing gifts for sisters who might need simple yet stylish accessories with their work-wear or for older sisters who might like a sophisticated accessory. Choose an auspicious design like the sleek Gayatri Mantra Pendant to wish her luck for her endeavours. You could also pick one of our stone-encrusted pendants like the Hidden Embrace Pendants with cubic zirconia stones or the Birthstone Pendants like September Birthstone Pendant with Sapphire for unique and personalised rakhi gifts for sisters.  

Hidden Embrace Pendant & Gayatri Mantra Pendant Memorable Rakhi Gifts For Your Sister Blog


Disney Princess Inspired Jewellery

There’s no better day than Rakhi to show your love for your sisters, by pampering them and treating them like princesses. Every little girl one day aspires to be like her favourite Disney Princess and find her own ‘Happily Ever After’. Give your little sister a taste of magic or an older sister a sense of nostalgia with her favourite princess inspired earrings, charms, pendants and more. Get the intricate Disney Aladin Genie Lamp Charm as a good luck wish for her bright and successful future or pick unique accessories from our princess collection like the Beauty and the Beast inspiredBold as a Rose’ collection or the Ariel inspiredSeashell’ collection for a truly memorable rakhi gift for sisters.

Sea Shell Earrings Genie Lamp Charm & Blooming Rose Charm Memorable Rakhi Gifts For Sisters Blog



Picking the perfect Rakhi gifts for sisters is never easy, but these beautiful silver accessories from fourseven will definitely be a great option she can cherish for a long time.