Message Rings: A message that rings true to you

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We all have something to say – something we believe in or maybe someone we believe in. Whether your statement reflects you and your beliefs or whether it is a message to someone else, we’ve got you covered. Have a look below at just a few of the options we have designed to help you send the right message.

fourseven Message Rings

Conquer Message Ring

Our stylish message rings are designed for versatility. Choose one and wear it with the message facing outward or with the symbol facing outward. A great example is the Conquer Message Ring. This ring makes a statement about conquering fears and challenges and reaching new heights in life. It can be worn with the Conquer message facing outward.

Or, you can choose to show the tiger stripes design. You can also choose to wear the blank side facing outward for a sleek look and let your statement remain internal. Whatever suits your mood.

Young Wild Free and Explore Message Rings

Another option is to stack two, three or four together for a gorgeous and trendy look. Here we are showing the Young-Wild-Free message ring stacked together with the Explore message ring. You can choose to show the words or to show the designs. Either way, they look great!

Live Love Laugh and Choose Happy Message Ring

A third option is to wear your fourseven message rings on different fingers to bring attention to each statement. Here we are showing the Choose Happy message ring on one finger with the Live-Laugh-Love message ring on another. These two statements complement one another, and they look great together!

So, whatever your style, you can make your statement in your own personal way with these stackable and versatile message rings made in pure 92.5 sterling silver. After all, your statements are meaningful to you, so they should be made of a precious metal made to last.

Here’s a list of fourseven Message Rings with a small note on their meanings. Maybe you will find one that makes your statement.


Statement Design Meant for
Choose Happy Smiling sunshine A reminder of what is good and beautiful in the world. It is a message of courage — if life gets you down, don’t say “Why Me?” — instead, say “Try Me!”
Live Laugh Love Butterfly Hearts and Flowers People who really know how to have fun and enjoy life.
Mind Body Soul Balance interconnected circles People who seek balance and harmony with themselves and with the universe
Young Wild Free Floral design People who want to get the most out of life, always curious and willing to try new things, to travel and to find happiness and beauty in the world.
Dream Believe Achieve Directional stars and arrow A wish for success and happiness on one’s journey of fulfilling her dreams.
Explore Footprints People with a sense of wanderlust; those who wish to see the world around them, explore and find adventure along the way.
Conquer Tiger stripes People who are out there breaking down barriers and forging new paths in life.
Magic Stars & arrows A wish for enchanting and wonderful things to happen. “Make Your Own Magic.”
Create Handprint People who see the world through the colourful lens of imagination.
Peace Koru symbol of peace People who believe the world is better when we find peace and unity instead of divisiveness.