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Fourseven Aashirwaad Collection

Aashirwaad: The meaningful blessings of Mantras and Symbols in Contemporary Indian jewellery


Contemporary Indian jewellery holds a supreme significance not only as an embellishment but also for the cultural values it carries. Meaningful and ornate, Indian jewellery has come a long way. The design and craftsmanship behind it are not restricted only to styling.

A means to accent beauty, a spectacle of tradition and a prominent part of devotion, the ideation of silver jewellery in India has evolved dramatically since the inception of the civilisation. 

Significance of blessings

रोचनो रोचमानः शोभनो शोभमानः कल्याणः |

शतमानम भवति शतायुः पुरुषः शतेन्द्रिय आयुष्येवेन्द्रियेः प्रतितिष्ठति


“May you be with beauty, charm, glow, virtue, noble thought and generosity! May you have the fullest life of a hundred years with fully functioning senses, body and mind! May you pursue and develop hundreds of noble qualities!” (Shlokam from Taittireeya Samhita)

All the delays and difficulties that we face in our daily lives start to make sense when we are blessed with countless favours of wisdom by the Almighty. Even crossing the seven seas and climbing Mount Everest seems effortless when our life is enveloped by enormous blessings by the Lord. Tough times are dealt with more easily when accompanied by heartfelt wishes from our loved ones for our happiness and betterment.

The power of a genuine and fervent wish for our loved ones helps them move ahead when the going gets tough. 

In tough times like these, when life is utterly chaotic, the marvel of a sincere wish and prayer for our beloved is life-changing.

The brokenness is mended,

and miracles happen….

when silent prayers are responded to.


A sincere wish for our dear ones is a positive force whose effect is far-reaching.

Blessings in Indian jewellery

An ingenious and creative expression, contemporary Indian jewellery carries ethnic and spiritual meanings. In Hindu culture, jewellery plays a symbolic function. From mantras carrying profound meaning to engraved religious and etched symbols of cultural significance, Indian jewellery has innumerable facets to it. Apart from having an aesthetic appeal, contemporary Indian jewellery has a positive and spiritual influence.

Mantra & Words

According to Wikipedia, "A mantra is a  sacred utterance, a numinous sound, a syllable, word or phonemes, or a group of words in Sanskrit, Pali and other languages believed by practitioners to have religious, magical or spiritual powers".


We at Fourseven are dedicated to offering pieces that have attached sentiments that stay with you through thick and thin. We forge together the power of words with the innate beauty of the jewellery design, creating pieces that carry a profound message.

The core of each jewellery piece is to adorn the physical form as well as to satisfy the adornment needs of the intangible companion; the soul with heartfelt wishes. 

Every mantra has an enriching history and significance behind it. We hope to make our unique designer pieces an important part of your life so you can mark every significant occasion with these auspicious mantras.


Wikipedia states, "A symbol is a mark, sign, or word that indicates, signifies, or is understood as representing an idea, object, or relationship".

We aim to deliver symbolic jewellery pieces conveying complex ideas and beliefs. We fuse the significance of symbols with the intrinsic magnificence of the jewellery, offering pieces that carry contextual intent and emotive power.

Every piece that we create conveys a tale from the wearer to the viewer. 

We choose the most powerful and symbolically significant images from the infinite reserves in varied cultures. The instinct to embellish stems from the deep-rooted sensibility to mark new beginnings with blessings and best wishes. 

Fourseven Aashirwaad collection - Sending blessings your way

The essence of every jewellery piece is an uplifting perspective. Every piece in our Aashirwaad collection is a heartfelt wish etched in silver. It is an earnest wish for health, safety, happiness and prosperity for loved ones. When you order a piece, you not only receive an embellishment, but also a sentiment that stays with you for perpetuity. It fulfils your personal style and caters to your soul. Designed to inspire, these are a powerful reminder from time to time of the blessings that they carry.

Every Mantra has a deep meaning behind it. Repeat it, hold on to it, and give this powerful piece to your loved ones to make them feel optimistic.  

The powerful symbols like Om, Trishul and Tripundra help imbibe divinity from the piece that you wear. Shielding against negative energy, bringing good luck and attaining spiritual awakening; wearing these powerful symbols has a plethora of positive effects on the health and well-being of an individual. 

In these trying times, it sometimes becomes tough to see where God fits in this new normal. Our faiths are challenged every day. Despite all the setbacks and negativity, one thing that remains common is prayer. We all are constantly praying for our loved ones across the globe. This is our attempt to offer a choice of beautiful and unique pieces that will inspire the spirits of the recipient.

A piece from the Fourseven Aashirwaad collection is a perfect gift to encourage broken spirits. Let's explore how this collection can create a sense of happiness, safety and love in these challenging times.

For yourself and your loved ones

Grab a powerful piece that resonates with you and is a constant reminder that optimism is within you, all you need is to seek it.

Fourseven's recommendation:

Ayushmaan Bhava Silver Floating  Pendant 

A wish to be forever blessed with a long life brimming with prosperity, wealth, good luck and infinite possibilities.


For distant loved ones

Distance makes the heart grow fonder; and what could be better than giving your loved ones a token of love that will make them feel closer to you.

Fourseven's recommendation:

Om Ganesha Shubh Ashish Silver Pendant 

A wish to be forever blessed with prosperity, good luck, wealth and peace.


For a close friend

Express your love and appreciation for the existence of your loved ones in your life by gifting them jewellery pieces that speak of eternal affection.

Fourseven's  recommendation:

Five Blessings Silver Baali Earrings 

A wish to be forever blessed with eternal love, peace, protection and happiness.


As a wedding gift, a wedding return gift.

The intricate jewellery piece from the Aashirwaad collection makes a perfect gift for weddings.

Fourseven's recommendation:

Shiva Parvati Aashirwaad Silver Charm 

A wish to be forever blessed with love, peace, protection and happiness.


A caring phone call, a reassuring smile and a thoughtful gift are all that is necessary to break the chain of pessimism.  

We wish that every piece of our Aashirwaad collection resonates deeply with you. We hope to make it a means to convey your wish to bestow the choicest blessings upon your loved ones.

It is our wish that by harnessing the power of words, symbols and mantras in our contemporary and unique designs, we will in our own way help to lead you into the depth of wisdom, comfort and gratitude in this challenging time.

We wish to offer a genuine prayer that you can wear. With our Aashirwaad collection, we offer wearable wishes that follow you wherever you go.

Check out the Fourseven Aashirwaad collection for jewellery pieces that are a genuine wish for you and your loved ones. Each piece is a gentle reminder that wherever you are, you will always be blessed.