Raksha Bandhan 2021: Forever Silver Rakhis for You, Handcrafted With Love

The days are tougher and the nights are longer as the pandemic restriction continues. With Raksha Bandhan approaching, it's natural to want to be with your dear ones but this desire will remain a faraway dream for many. This year's celebration is going to be different, but Fourseven will never let this pandemic dampen the spirit of the festivities. We love Raksha Bandhan and apart from wishing that your loved ones stay as protected as possible from coronavirus, we offer you our Forever Rakhi collection to honour the forever bond. We proudly present our range of Silver Raksha Bandhan Rakhis, your threads of eternity.


Everlasting rakhis for an everlasting bond

Love, fight, conflict and forever friendship - there's always more to the definition of siblings. Connected by blood or friendship, this bond outlasts every other relationship. It resurfaces after quarrels and flourishes in thousands of manifestations of closeness, distance, affection, commitment and uncertainty. Raksha Bandhan is a day that honours this bond through the beautiful tradition of tying a sacred thread, the Rakhi.


Every year we design our rakhi collection that allows you to find your perfect silver Raksha Bandhan rakhis.

We proudly present our Forever Rakhi collection for this meaningful and heartfelt occasion. Beautiful beyond what you see, your search for pure silver rakhi ends here.


Our beautiful rakhi collection is a promise

A promise of purity

All our pieces are made in pure 925 silver to leave you optimistic about the choices you make.

A promise of authenticity

Handcrafted with love, every rakhi is handmade with genuine moli threads and rudraksha beads.

A promise of variety

We have a huge collection of pure silver rakhi designs to choose from for every bond.

We have rakhis for 1) Brothers  2) Sisters 3) Bhabhis  4) Kids.

A promise of style

We offer stunning designs and varieties that best represent your needs, styles and wants.

Our styling range includes,

- adjustable (the best choice for kids)

- simplicity moli (intricately braided, single wrap, tie)

- double wrap moli (intricately braided, double wrap, tie)

- rudraksha moli with silver beads (simple thread with rudraksha and silver)

- rudraksha bracelet (elastic, does not use moli)

A promise of excellence

Pure 925 silver rakhis are designed using international best practices for purity and quality.

A promise of eternity

Expanding on our message of 'Forever Rakhis for Forever Bond',  all our rakhis are meant to be worn on Raksha Bandhan and forever after. Every silver element like a brooch, a pendant or a charm is meant to be worn and used as a forever gift.

Silver Raksha Bandhan Rakhi for every bond

Rakhis are not just for brothers. This sacred thread is for anyone you care for. A friend who is dearer like a sibling or a colleague who guides you like a brother, rakhis are not just limited to blood ties. It encompasses everyone into it. Our Raksha Bandhan 2021 collection has rakhis for everyone that you care about.


Pure silver rakhis for brothers

Your first friend and your superhero, brothers are the shelter that always protects and defends you.


Grab a rakhi that is a true reflection of this unshakeable bond.

Fourseven's recommendation:

Lotus Mandal Rakhi Bracelet Gift Set

A symbol of purity and transcendence.

An ardent wish for him to be forever blessed with protection, prosperity and success.


Fourseven's recommendation:

Amazing Spider Silver Wrap Around Moli Rakhi Bracelet

A symbol of power and courage.

A wish to be forever blessed with protection, prosperity, success and superpowers that keep him going ahead in life.


Pure silver rakhis for sisters

Your secret keeper, your counsellor and your strongest support, sisters are the streetlights that brighten up your road to life and make the walk worthwhile.


Choose a rakhi to honour this lifelong and cherished connection.

Fourseven's recommendation:

Disney Incredibles 2 Silver Wrap Around Moli Rakhi Bracelet

A symbol of elegance.

An incredible reminder that your dear ones are incredible - today and every day.


Fourseven's recommendation:

Auspicious ॐ Om Silver Wrap Around Moli Rakhi Bracelet

A symbol of divine energy.

A wish for your dear ones to be forever blessed with protection, prosperity, peace and success.


Pure silver rakhis for bhabhi

Bringing out the best in you, sometimes like a friend and sometimes like a confidante, bhabhis are the companions that you can lean on in trying times.


Gift your support system a rakhi to cherish this selfless bond.

Fourseven's recommendation:

Om Namah Shivaya Silver Wrap Around Moli Rakhi Bracelet

A symbol of positivity.

A wish for her to be forever blessed with forever bliss, calm, positivity and peace.


Fourseven's recommendation:

Silver Shakti Trishul Charm Wrap Around Moli Rakhi Bracelet

A symbol of wisdom and will.

A wish for her to be forever blessed with good health and protection from negative energy.

Pure silver rakhis for kids

The soul is renewed by being with children. They are the truest and purest spirits filled with magic and the best way to nurture them is by teaching them to adore and respect the bond that they have in life.


Express your love and appreciation for your little ones by gifting them rakhis that are a constant reminder of your beautiful bond.

Fourseven's recommendation:

Create Your Own Path Silver Wrap Around Moli Rakhi Bracelet

A symbol of enthusiasm.

A thoughtful reminder that no matter what path you choose, the journey will be full of excitement and infinite possibilities.


Fourseven's recommendation:

Silver Wheel Of Progress Wrap Around Moli Rakhi Bracelet

A symbol of the cycle or self-repeating process.

A thoughtful reminder that no matter where life takes you, you'll always remember your amazing homeland. 

Apart from meaningful gifts, we also strive to offer a personalised experience with every purchase that you make. Each rakhi comes in a special Rakhi box with roli chawal packets and a wish card so you can write your own personal message for your loved ones. You may choose to purchase a gift set that includes a hand-made silk box and silver polishing cloth as well.

Don't forget to check out the curated selection of our larger Fourseven catalogue as Sister Gifts, so brothers have an easy time selecting a beautiful gift for their sisters that they will love forever.

Celebrate this auspicious occasion with our meaningful Raksha Bandhancollection proudly imagined, designed and hand-crafted in India with love.