Earrings according to face shape

Matching earrings to your outfit is great and will always be important. But did you know picking up correct earrings for yourself based on your face type is even more important?  For that, the first step is that you need to have a good understanding of your face type.

Here we have listed the different face shapes and the perfect earrings that complement each.

The major face shapes are round, oval, square, heart, diamond and long. After understanding your specific face type, you can read how to choose earrings for your face shape.


  • Round face

Your face is round in shape if it is close to the same length from the tip of your nose to all sides. It is also widest at your cheekbones and the chin is round.

Earrings for round face

Drop earrings or the earrings that help in making your face look long and bring balance to it are recommended. Chandelier earrings also go well for this face type. Avoid round or disc earrings as they will make your face look rounder.

Earrings for round face shape


  • Oval face

Oval face types have a slightly wider forehead than the chin. Also they have a well-rounded jawline to chin.

Earrings for oval face

People with an oval shaped face are considered to be the luckiest, as their faces are adaptable to almost all types of earrings. You can fill up your jewelry box with as many earrings you want. However, you can turn the heads by simply flaunting oval-shaped earrings or teardrop earrings.


Earrings for Oval Face Shape


  • Long face

Long face types have a narrow width but longer length.

Earrings for long face

You can go for short danglers and baalis as they will add roundness and curves to your face. Apart from this, all kinds of studs will look great on this type of face. Even the elongated curves in the earrings are preferable because they will highlight the cheekbones by minimizing the length of the face. Try to avoid wearing sleek and very long earrings as they will make your face look longer.


Earrings for Long Face Shape


  • Square face

Your face is square-shaped if the width of your forehead and jawline are similar. The forehead is also straight along the hairline and the chin is flat.

Earrings for square face

Hoop, drop and rounded earrings are perfect for you and will balance the angles on your face. Even trendy oversized hoops will make a good option for you. Ditch those square earrings as they will add more width to your face.


Earrings for Square Face Shape

  • Heart face

You have a pointed chin and your forehead is broader than the width of your jawline.

Earrings for heart face

Dangling earrings that are rounded in shape at the bottom will make the best choice for you as it will reduce the angles around your chin, making it look round. You can even go for chandelier and teardrop earrings. Stay away from wearing slim drop earrings as it will draw attention to your chin.


Earrings for Heart Face Shape

  • Diamond face

Your cheekbone is broader than your forehead and chin.

Earrings for diamond face

For this face type, all kinds of studs will work well. Even the long earrings that just end above the chin will also be an ideal choice. Though danglers, baalis and hoops will also compliment you, but you need to pick the ones with soft curves. Avoid wearing overstated curves as they will highlight the sharp cheeks and jawline.


Earrings for Diamond Face Shape