Expressive Christmas Gifts for Every Budget

Christmas is a season of merriment,be it the tune of carols serenading through every speaker, the smell of fresh baked goods, the warmth of the bright lights, or the sparkle of Christmas decorations  everything puts us in a jolly and celebratory mood. But the best part is the hustle and bustle of the days leading up to Christmas- the shopping lists, the joy of holiday gifting, and the rush of unwrapping Christmas presents from our friends and family. 

All of us as kids were ‘good’ the entire year and eagerly waited for Christmas morning, to rush to our trees and unwrap the Christmas gifts Santa left for us. Even though we have grown to discover who Santa was (I mean our parents couldn’t keep it a secret forever right!), the joy of receiving gifts is still the same, isn’t it? The overwhelming feeling of the gift exchange is not just because of the material gift but because of the flood of love and warmth that is expressed through the gifts. Thus it is nice to put some thought into your gifts and make your loved ones feel truly special. We have curated a collection of Christmas gifts to make your work easier.

Choose the perfect Christmas gift

Picking out the perfect gift for someone who means something special to you may seem daunting, but it shouldn’t be. At fourseven, we try to make it easy by offering you many options for a unique and personal gift that shows how much you care. Watching him or her open your gift and give you a huge smile of appreciation is a privilege and a memory you will cherish forever.

Because we love Christmas, we have a full collection of pure sterling silver Christmas charms and other jewellery that celebrate the season. From charms about Santa to his Sleigh to a Snowman to a Christmas Tree, a Candy Cane, a Gift, and a Snowflake.

Here are some of our favorites from the Christmas collection:

Christmas Gifts for Girls:

Christmas jewellery is a perfect gifting option for women. Get your wife or girlfriend something elegant and ornamental like the Full Moon Jaali Baali Earrings which she can pair with multiple outfits and cherish for a long time or indulge in the holiday spirit and pick from our Christmas themed jewellery collection like the Merry Christmas Charm Bracelet or other Christmas Charms paired with a bracelet or pendant. 

Christmas Gifts for Kids:

Children are the most excited about their Christmas presents. Naturally, they have behaved nicely the whole year to be on Santa’s ‘good list. We have amazing gifts for kids- jewellery that they’ll love and cherish even as adults. Who wouldn’t love their favorite character brought to life right? Pick something unique from our special Mickey and Minnie collection or the Disney Princess Collection to make the holiday brighter for your kids. 

Christmas Gifts for Men:

We have all known the struggle of choosing a perfect gift for men. This Christmas, surprise your man with something truly special and unique from our Men’s gifting range. Choose any stunning piece from our men’s jewellery collection like the Tree of Life Cufflinks in Green Onyx that is not only meaningful but also has a colorful holiday touch.

Christmas Gifts for Friends:

It is not always possible to know the likes and dislikes of all your friends and trying to find a gift for them can thus be tricky. We have a collection of unique non-jewelry gifting options that your friends and colleagues are sure to love, like the beautiful tealight holders perfect to light up their homes for the holiday season.

Christmas is a celebration of unity, family, giving, and faith. Over the centuries, it has become a secular holiday for all who wish to participate. The music changes as the weather cools down and with the bright and festive tunes comes a sense of renewal, forgiveness, and genuine joy. There’s no other holiday like it in the world.

Whether you put up a Christmas tree and hang stockings for Santa to fill or whether you just keep it simple and spend time with friends and family, this is the time of year to let the true feeling of Christmas wash over you and allow yourself to truly feel its magic. If you allow yourself time for reflection, you may see that the world is full of beauty and wonder and love and joy. It’s in the little things. The things we often overlook because we are too busy or distracted to step back and see or allow ourselves to marvel at our surroundings.

Wishing all of you a very happy holiday and a joyous, healthy, and safe New Year filled with love, happiness, laughter, and adventure!