Gorgeous jewellery for Gorgeous Couples!


Have you been wondering about a couple set for you and your someone special? Get amazed with some amazing pieces of jewellery here at Fourseven. Gifting a special jewellery item can be exciting, indeed! The best part is that you can find a wide range of couple sets made specially for you and your significant other. Whether you look forward to gift a beautiful necklace, a pretty ring or an elegant bracelet, your sweetheart is sure to love receiving a jewellery item as part of a set as her Valentine Gift. 

Shopping for jewellery can be quite a exciting experience. Finding that perfect jewellery set you’ve been looking for to go with something you already have is an exhilarating experience. Browsing freely for anything that catches your attention is probably the most rewarding experience as it keeps your eye-focus broad and allows you to notice unique pieces of jewellery.

Rare designs of jewellery can often be stumbled upon while looking for something else. At Fourseven, you can have an exceptional couple jewellery set finding experience online anytime as there is a wide variety of truly exquisite items available.

Our jewellery is imagined, designed, and hand-crafted in India with love.

Here’s what we suggest

Silver Shri Yantra Cufflinks & Earrings Couples Gift Set:

The Shri Yantra represents the spiritual journey from material existence to ultimate enlightenment. This spiritual journey is a move beyond one's existence to realize unity with the cosmos. The Fourseven Shri Yantra cufflinks and earrings are a beautiful rendition of the significant geometric form of the Yantra. The ultimate in versatility!

The Shri Yantra couple Gift Set contains the Shri Yantra Cufflinks and Shri Yantra Dangler Earrings in Sterling Silver. 

Silver Dhanush Brooch & Baali Earrings Couples Gift Set

The beautiful Fourseven Dhanush Brooch and Baali Earrings are a lovely addition for couples. They are sure to cherish them together today and for years to come. The Dhanush motif will remind you of that special moment when cupid struck your hearts and started you on your beautiful journey together.

Silver Explore the World Charm & Cufflinks Couples Gift Set

Not all those who wander are lost." -- JRR Tolkien

North, South, East or West -- which direction will lead you in your next expedition?

The Fourseven Explore the World Charm and Cufflinks is part of our Wanderlust collection. This Couple Gift Set is for the couple who get connected through their traveling hobbies. It is a salute to all the explorers out there who are driven by their need to get out and see the world.

Silver Lattice Band Ring For Him & Her Couples Gift Set

Borrowing from the elegant motifs of Mughal architecture, these lovely band rings are a beautiful modern take on classical design elements. The Fourseven Lattice Band Rings for him and her are designed as solid oxidized bands with a silver lattice for a stunning finish.

They are a great choice for couples who want a subtle yet elegant way to show their connection.

Silver Ganesha Pendants Couples Gift Set

Success, remover of obstacles, selflessness. This symbol is viewed as a reminder to manifest the powers held within us. Couple these qualities with exquisite craftsmanship and the result is beautiful pendants for you and your loved one to help you remember to stay grounded and focus on what is truly important in life. These lovely pendants pair perfectly with any of the fourseven Silver Chains for simple and spiritual elegance.

These Pendants are a great gift for weddings or bridesmaids & groom or your loved ones and can be used as an auspicious symbol during your pujas.

Silver Capture The Moment Camera Charm & Cufflinks Couples Gift Set:

Whether you're a professional photographer, a hobbyist or even the master of selfies, these DSLR camera cufflinks are sure to make an impression! Silver Capture The Moment Camera Charm & Cufflinks are best for the couple who love to share every memory with their partner throughout life.

Silver Lotus Mandala Pendant & Shri Yantra Cufflinks Couples Gift Set:

The Lotus is considered auspicious in many cultures, revered for its ability to bloom so beautifully from muddy ponds and swamps. It is a symbol of enlightenment and persistence in overcoming challenges.

The Lotus Mandala structure is believed to ward off evil, protect us from harmful influences, and attract wealth and success.

The Shri Yantra represents the spiritual journey from material existence to ultimate enlightenment. This spiritual journey is a move beyond one's existence to realize unity with the cosmos. 

The Lotus Mandala & Shri Yantra couple Gift Set is the best choice for the lovely couple who never get influenced and attracts towards any negativity in their relation. This Couple Gift Set contains the Lotus Mandala Pendant & Shri Yantra Cufflinks in Sterling Silver. 

Silver Dwishakti Brooch & Pendant Couples Gift Set:

A symbol of good over evil, the fourseven Dwishakti Brooch and Pendant have coupled the Om and Trishul together -- literally meaning "The one who holds two powers together." The power of Lord Shiva's Trishul to overcome evil and the power of Lord Ganesha's Om to overcome obstacles and perform well in life.

This sterling silver brooch and pendant is adorned with a beautiful red cubic zirconia stone for an auspicious color accent. This is lead and nickel safe, even for sensitive skin.

Silver Band Ring Couples Gift Set:

A simple yet timeless pattern forms a classic Silver band ring for Couples. The classic and timeless chevron design in a simple band ring for a stylish everyday use ring.

Our Silver Band Rings Couple gift set is designed for the couple who want to pair their style and want to show their strong connection 

The Fourseven Chevron Band Ring can be worn on any finger or as a thumb ring. It stacks well with the Kindred Band Ring for a strong style statement.

Gifting jewellery to your partner is sure to be a joyous, romantic experience with Fourseven Jewellery this Valentine’s day.