Spring Collection 2022Spring Collection 2022

Spring Jewellery Trend for 2022


With Fourseven, Rock this season's most wanted look! Accentuate your wardrobe with our eye-catching collection inspired by the spirit and colors of Spring. Give your jewellery an upgrade with our Spring collection that has gorgeous items made in 925 silver. Just like the spring season, this collection is both colorful and vibrant. The dainty and quirky design of the jewellery will surely make a style statement for you wherever you go. You have so many exciting choices before you from rings to earrings and from necklaces to bracelets and bangles. Silver jewellery can be fun just like clothing, and our shell earrings and rings prove the same. 

Colorful Spring Season


Of all the seasons, Spring is the most colorful season - when nature is at its best. It is the best time to witness the creativity of nature with fresh blooming flowers creating magic and spreading their joy. Spring is the season of new beginnings and new arrivals. Our Spring Collection marks the arrival of new products to try out in this season of joy.

In the Spring season there is a certain harmony in nature that presents itself every evening, just as the sun is about to set, but before night sets in. The sky is a cacophony of colours that are highlighted by the rays of the setting sun in the backdrop of the shimmering silver-blue sky.  Fourseven Sandhya Gemstone Stack Bangles, Sandhya Silver Gemstone Geo Pendant in Rainbow Moonstone and Rose Quartz will remind you of the beauty of the colorful Spring season. These beautiful semi-precious stones come together with a mix of textures in each handcrafted pure sterling silver pendant, bangle and ring to create a harmony of pastel hues that complement your daytime or evening style.

Floral Collections

On hearing the word floral, an image of a flower appears before our eyes. Our floral products are designed to evoke the same emotion. 

Fourseven’s floral collection will remind you of the beauty of the Spring season. This colorful collection will make you look charming besides amplifying your overall attire. We have a wide variety of floral earrings with impressive designs. We have the intriguing Floral Elements Shield Button Earrings. We have elegant Water Lily Dangler Earrings in Rose Quartz portraying the beauty of the Water Lily. Not only is the Water Lily a symbol of love, but it is also considered a symbol of piety. Another floral design you will find here are the Lotus Blossom Baali Earrings inspired by the blooming lotus. It depicts the journey of women who become lovelier with each passing year. 

Other than earrings, we have scores of charms also under the floral collection. We have a beautiful Blue Lotus Charm symbolizing creation and rebirth. This charm will look great on any charm bracelet or bead bracelet. 

Wish for good luck and good fortune with the evergreenl My Lucky Day Necklace. This necklace includes a four-leafed clover which is a symbol of good luck and best wishes. This is a great piece for teenage girls who can wear it for many years to come. 

Shining Swarovski Jewellery Collections 

Swarovski products are better known for their sparkling appearance and innovative designs which have placed them in the list of topmost jewellery brands. 

The sparkling Swarovski jewellery is a must-have in your jewellery closet along with the floral and shell collection. We have a special collection under the Spring collection having an ample number of jewellery products studded with Swarovski stones. Our Spring collection provides you the opportunity to buy your favorite Swarovski jewellery piece at an affordable price range.

Shell Jewellery

At Fourseven, we have numerous varieties of shell jewellery including earrings, charms, necklaces, etc. There are a variety of sterling shell jewelry products designed on seashells. These are elegant with an eye-catching appearance and can match any outfit. We have a wide array of sterling shell Dangler earrings. Their colorful and glowing design will surely make you look glamorous.

Some popular products in this category include Sterling Shells Organic Drop Dangler Earrings, Sterling Shells Mosaic Dangler Earrings.

The gorgeous Oceanic Blue Spiral Shell Necklace will become one of the statement pieces you flaunt this Spring. If you are fond of charms, then our Sounds of the Sea Shell Charm is the best choice for you. It will take you back to those times when you stood upon the sand and watched the waves hit your feet.

Keep up with Spring trends

Anyone who likes to keep up with the latest fashion jewellery trend knows that the pace of fast-fashion jewellery trends can be dizzying. Luckily, pure silver's popularity means it is almost always guaranteed to be in trend. 

The latest styles in jewellery will always include pure 925 silver, even if the designs keep evolving. Keeping a few silver pieces of jewellery in your jewellery box is a sure way to make sure you always look your best. This season, celebrate the colors of Spring with Fourseven’s gorgeous handcrafted silver jewellery.


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