Relive Your Favourite Fairytale With Our Disney Princess Jewellery

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“Once upon a time, in a town far far away lived a little girl…..” has been part of every little girl’s childhood. Our favourite Disney Princesses and fairy tales were not just stories that spoke of magic, miracles and the power of true love. These fairytales shaped our imagination, giving us the courage to dream big and the ability to believe that dreams do come true. fourseven’s Disney Princess Jewellery Collection, is inspired by these heroic little girls who determinedly follow their dreams and emerge victorious against all odds. Our princess inspired silver jewellery collection is just as inspiring as it is beautiful, stirring up memories of your favourite Disney Princesses and encouraging you to go on adventures to find your true destiny.

fourseven Disney Princess Jewellery Collection

Every Disney Princess inspired us to dream big and fight fearlessly for our dreams. The real message behind every fairy tale was not about knights in shining armours coming to rescue their princesses, but that we all have magic within us to change our destiny. Be it, evil stepmothers or nefarious witches, good ultimately triumphs over evil. We must not be deterred by adversities in our path, for they are mere tests to help us realise our true potential. Our princess jewellery collection will remind you of the power within you to change your destiny!

Bold As A Rose Collection inspired by Beauty and the Beast

Beautiful and bold like Princess Belle, fourseven’s Bold As a Rose Ring inspires you to find your inner courage and beat the odds to bloom into an enchanting Princess. Princess Belle boldly stepped up to the Beast, sacrificing her own freedom to save her father, and despite his savagery, she saw the Beast for the beautiful person he was on the inside. Like a rose that blooms amongst thorns, we will also find beauty in the wilderness of our lives. This sculpted Princess ring will encourage you to look beyond what’s on the surface and find the good in people, to live courageously and to love passionately like a true Disney Princess.

Disney Bold as a Rose Ring Fairytale Disney Princess Jewellery Blog

If The Shoe Fits Charm inspired by Cinderella

Our beloved Princess Cinderella was her Daddy’s little Princess before fate brought her to a life of misery and slavery by her stepfamily. Despite her ordeal, Cinderella tried to find joy in little everyday things and never once stopped dreaming about her freedom and a happy life. If The Shoe Fits Shoe Charm will make a beautiful addition to your jewellery collection. Pair it with your favourite charm bracelet or necklace and it will inspire you to be patient and determinedly pursue your dreams like Cinderella because eventually, you will find the perfect shoe that fits. After all, “even miracles take a little time!”

Disney Cinderella Slipper Charm Fairytale Disney Princess Jewellery Blog

Heart of The Sea Shell Collection inspired by The Little Mermaid

There was nothing more exhilarating than escaping to under-the-sea-adventures with Princess Ariel and her friends. Filled with mischief playfulness, Ariel and her friends would have a gala time exploring the oceans and beyond. Our Heart of the Sea Shell Collection is reminiscent of Ariel and her cute seashell-shaped jewellery.  May this adorable Heart of the Sea Charm, inspire you to push your limits and explore the world, build lifelong friendships and find memorable adventures in the great wide like the Little Mermaid.

Disney Heart of the Sea Shell Charm Fairytale Disney Princess Jewellery Blog
Aladdin Genie Lamp Charm inspired by Aladin

“Like so many things, it’s not what is outside but what is inside that counts.”  

With the help of the magical Genie in the lamp, Aladdin poses as a rich and handsome prince in hopes of impressing the Sultan’s daughter. However, Princess Jasmine was not interested in riches and false promises, she sought her ‘diamond-in-the-rough’, the true self of Aladdin so she could explore the real world outside the palace walls. Armed with this discovery, Aladin uses the power of the magical lamp and Genie, to overthrow evil and bring joy to the entire kingdom, ultimately winning the Princess’s heart. May this Aladdin Genie Lamp charm help you realise your potential and empower you to utilise your inner magic for the greater good.

Disney Aladdin Genie Lamp Charm Fairytale Disney Princess Jewellery Blog

 Bow of Bravery Collection inspired by Brave

Princess Merida was not the usual Disney princess. Bold and brave, Princess Merida was an exemplary archer and a skilled warrior. Despite being a Princess by birth, she had no interest in fineries and the luxuries of the palace, that came with limitations of their own. Her adventurous soul had only one desire- to explore the world and have the freedom to create her own destiny. The Bow of Bravery Pendant, inspired by Merida’s courage and free spirit, will instil in you the fortitude to break barriers and write your own destiny. This magnificently crafted princess jewellery will awaken your spirit and encourage you to achieve your dreams.

Disney Bow of Bravery Pendant Fairytale Disney Princess Jewellery Blog


Our adorable fourseven Disney Princess Jewellery collection will stir a treasure trove of fond memories from your childhood. Be it dancing in your shoes, pretending you were Cinderella or sitting on the rug and pretending it was The Magic Carpet, these fairy tales inspired us to dream and believe that with perseverance, our dreams will come true. fourseven’s sterling silver princess jewellery collection will help you cherish these childhood fantasies and add a playful touch to your outfits, inspiring you to dream fearlessly and to believe in the wonder of miracles!