Silver’s Seduction – Fast Fun Facts You Never Knew

The sheen of sliver only seduces you with its beauty. The metal has been part of jewellery and culture of varied continents over the years. In case you wish to know if sliver has, beguiling facts associated with itself, here is the best hub to dig the same.

Surprisingly silver is not just in trend today. Dating back to 700 BC, silver is part of jewellery and business niches almost since eternity.

Travelling back to the Medieval Age in Europe, silver was pricier and more heavyweight than even the yellow metal.

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More so, in an interesting formulation that uses chemical silver, silver iodide has been used for seeding clouds – in quest of rain.

Across countries and legends, you could find tales narrating the magical prowess of silver. From healing via presence in homeopathic medicines to even keeping demons at bay, silver is interesting as much as it is exclusive. Of course, it is believed that silver ware is associated with good luck too.

Oh well, here is what you might want to read—silver jewellery symbolized status until the 18 CE end.

In fact, so much so was its class-meter that it could only be afforded by the very rich.

Silver is the symbol of the moon and before you smile further here is another fun fact. Being born with a silver spoon in the mouth has nothing to do with the wealth but signifies being of healthy bearing.

Artemis, the Greek goddess used to ride on a silvery chariot and zoomed across the skies while emanating silver beams towards earth. That is why people say moonbeams at night, they say.

For the philosophy lovers, the cool glow of silver is representative of its guiding light for a personal journey.

Guess what, sailors had long ago discovered that silver pieces could prevent contamination of wine and water. This discovery was so genuine that the FDA in the US also approved silver allied solutions as a preparatory means for food safety.

That is ample food for thought—err, slivery though, right?

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