Spectrum: X


With International Women’s Day earlier this month and a focus on gender parity (#BalanceForBetter), it’s a fitting time to discuss the topic of gender identification. It is a beautiful time in our global, connected society inasmuch as people from around the world can communicate with others who share a connection though they have never met and may never meet in person. Strength in numbers leads to greater confidence which, in turn, leads to better and deeper understanding as more and more people find they share common ground on aspects of their lives that had otherwise been closeted or purposefully ignored.

The conversation regarding gender as an identity choice is gaining visibility – with more representation in the media, books and songs tackling the topic, and primetime TV serials addressing it as something that is a normal, everyday part of any open-minded family. People have always been confronted with unscrambling their sexual orientation, as well as their gender identity, which itself encompasses a broad spectrum of options.

In order to show our support for the non-binary community, we’ve designed a symbol that eliminates the concept of specified gender completely. It pulls elements from the traditional symbols for both women and men into a crossbar as a way to communicate that gender is a social construct, and should never be the most important aspect of any human being.

Spectrum X charm

The Spectrum: X symbol is universal. It is meant for anyone of any age from any society who feels that we are first and foremost human; and, as humans, we have a lot of common ground to share. If we start there searching for that common connection first, love is bound to win over hate any day. The symbol can also be worn by people who fall under the non-binary spectrum, i.e., don’t identify entirely with either gender binary.

We have designed a number of beautiful pieces that incorporate Spectrum: X as a message so you can choose a style that suits your own preferences. A charm. A pendant. A faux leather bracelet. A wrap cord bracelet that also incorporates rainbow symbolism in a subtle, artistic fashion. The choice is yours!


Spectrum: X is the newest addition to our full Spectrum collection, which includes rings, charms, earrings and bracelets. We would love to have your feedback on the collection! Please share your comments on this post or reach out to us with your ideas to TellUs@fourseven.com.

Thank you for joining us in our support for #BalanceForBetter, #Inclusion, #Spectrum:X