The Anatomy of the Charm Bracelet

What is a charm, you ask? Well, it’s something people use to lure others into attraction, to build a relationship, to create a bond. Ohhhh, wait a minute. That’s the other kind of charm! You mean our fourseven charms, right?

Let’s start again. Jewelry charms are intricately detailed miniature versions of the things we hold near and dear in our lives. The things that have touched us in our life experiences, the things that have shaped who we are, or the things we want to get to know more deeply.

Pretty much anything can be made into a charm. Tiny ice cream cones, little lady bugs, a lightning rod, a grand piano, even a convertible Lamborghini complete with taillights and logo!

Charms are, in effect, collectors’ items—if I raced bikes in college, I may find a cute bike charm. If I know a great baker, I may gift her a cake charm or a rolling pin charm. If my daughter is into dance, I may find a charm of a delicate dancer or ballet shoes or a kathakali mask.

Charms are meant to be collected over time. So, while the charm bracelet that I started when I was younger had all of my own favourite things on it, now I would add in or replace some of them with the things my children love – a soccer ball, a cricket bat, a musical note, their initials. I would also add in the charms that showcase the experiences that have impacted my life along the way.

Of course, these things include the lovely aspects of life in India that are the inspiration behind our India Masala Charms! I would be remiss if my charm bracelet didn’t include the Auto or tuk-tuk, which my children and I so dearly love to ride in anytime. Also the Dancing Peacock that reminds me of our trip to Jaipur where we saw so many peacocks running and leaping so beautifully across the sunrise-lit garden in the early winter morning chill. Then there’s the Mango which is just not as sweet anywhere else in the world; and the Kolhapuri Chappal that I love to wear for its comfort and beauty; and the Tulsi I put in my morning chai and the adorable Ketli tea kettle it comes in from roadside chai wallas and so on and so on and so on!

Charms are also great conversation starters. They are little tidbits of ourselves that we choose to reveal to others when we wear them. If you meet someone wearing the statue of liberty as a charm, you may ask them how they liked New York City. Or you may see someone wearing a tabla charm and you’re in a band – so you have something in common right off the bat! So actually, come to think of it, charms in the jewelry sense are really not that far off from charm in the human sense! Charms attract people.

Charms also make great gifts. Maybe your best friend has a birthday coming up, so you gift her a starter charm bracelet with her letter initial, a jutti because she loves them and the nimbu mirchi to wish her prosperity in life. Or maybe your mother is into yoga so you give her one of the adorable Yogi charms to add to her necklace or bracelet.

The way you choose to wear your charms is also a reflection of your style. They can be worn as a single pendant on a delicate chain around your neck, or on an anklet to add a little playfulness to your style. Or bunched up on a long chain. Or on leather or pure silver bracelets – with one, two, or as many as you want! Loaded to the max and a bit messy is a great look for charms! Check out our Charms Style Guide to see some pics and get some ideas!

Charms are versatile. The best part is you can change your story and your style anytime. I love to wear my favourite charms as single pendants to give them prominence at times. Other times, I feel like wearing them all together – I love the gentle jingling sound they make on my wrist as I go about my day, and all I have to do is look down at them and all the fun memories behind each charm on my bracelet bring a smile to my face.

Our fourseven charms are made of pure sterling silver and are handcrafted, many with semi-precious stones to add colour and beauty. We could have made them from a lesser metal; but, then, charms are meant to be memory keepers. As such, they should last forever. Some are oxidized to give them that exquisite finish and others are plated with gold or two-tone for added elegance.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t see your charm in our We’d love to hear from you!