The Charm of Love

Valentine’s Day. It is celebrated across many parts of the world from east to west. We wear red. Hearts and love motifs adorn the walls of shops and restaurants, malls and social media pages. We think of chocolates and roses and romance. Lover’s music fills the airwaves; and we secretly hope for those two little words to come our way from that special person – Be Mine.

But most of us haven’t a clue about why Valentine’s Day is celebrated.

A Lesson in Love: Significance and History of Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine was a Roman bishop who was said to have some saintly abilities, one of which was to heal people. He lived in the 3rd Century AD under the rule of Emperor Claudius II who had prohibited marriage for young men, stating that marriage would detract from their ability to be good soldiers and would make them weak.  Saint Valentine witnessed the trauma of these young lovers who were denied their hopes of being united in marriage, so he established a way to perform these marriage ceremonies in secret.

In time, the Emporer heard news of St. Valentine’s being the “friend of lovers” and had him arrested and scheduled for execution. His jailor, Asterius, had a daughter who was blind. When he learned of St Valentine’s healing powers, he brought his daughter to the Saint who helped her to see again. The Emperor gave St Valentine an option to live if he reounced his faith and converted to worship Roman gods. But he held steadfast in his faith and refused. Asterius’s daughter and bishop Valentine had become close friends. Just before his execution, it is said that the Saint asked for a pen and paper from his jailor and signed a farewell message to her:

From your Valentine” – a phrase that lived ever after.

St Valentine was executed on February 14, 270 AD, which has since become known as Valentine’s Day and he as its patron saint. 

More than 1700 years after the death of St Valentine, the world honours his life’s work and his martyrdom by celebrating the highest of all human emotions – love.

Wow. He laid his life down to honour his faith and his belief in love and marriage. That’s a charming story if there ever was one!

Valentine Gifts

A Blast from the Past: Gifts of Love from my childhood

I remember as a young girl in school picking out a pack of valentine cards from the market with my mom and then trying to remember all of my classmates so that no one would feel left out. Hand writing 50+ cards all in one night was not easy, but it was the process. I loved giving them and I loved getting them! Then there was the candy – yummy little hearts with sayings on them. “you’re cute”  “be mine”  “forever” “I  you” “kiss me”.  These conversation hearts were nearly as much fun as the valentine’s cards were – we would giggle if someone got the ‘kiss me’ heart or tease them about being cute.

But after high school, Valentine’s Day became much more. It was a reason to meet friends and get together, even if not as a couple. The prolific poem “Roses are red, Violets are blue, Sugar is sweet, And so are you” was repeated in cards and notes between friends, couples and would-be couples alike.  Even today, if I were to send my mom a Valentine’s Day card across the miles, it is likely to have a message similar to the one from all those years ago.

Amour Collection – Perfect Gifts for Your Valentine

The heart shape and the colour red take centre stage in the month of February. We have quite a selection when it comes to finding the perfect gift for your valentine. Have you seen our Amour Collection?

Loving Heart Charm with the Red Onyx Bead Bracelet

Loving Heart Bead Charm Bracelet


How about a red onyx charm bracelet with the Loving Heart charm?  This says “I love you” to anyone from a close friend to a family member to your girlfriend or spouse.

Key to My Heart Layered Necklace by fourseven

Key To My Heart Layered Necklace

If she’s the one, you could gift her the Key to My Heart layered necklace or the Unlock My Heart charm. Or maybe the Eternal Knot charm to let her know you are connected in an unbreakable bond. If your beautiful lady is a lover of red wine, why not gift her the My Cup Runneth Over wine glass charm? It’s adorable and symbolises her positive attitude and philosophy to live life to the fullest.

fourseven Unlock My Heart Charm with Forever Charm Necklace - Small Ring

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

There are so many choices – because each woman is a beautiful gift to those who are close enough to know her. Celebrate the romance in your life with the beautiful Hidden Embrace Pendant – available in two radiant colors: Turquoise and Charcoal Grey.

Valentine's Day Gifts: Hidden Embrace Pendant

Love is in the Air: Hidden Embrace Pendant

This Valentine’s Day, I’d like to make my own version of that prolific roses poem:

Roses are beautiful, for but a minute

Chocolates are yummy, and then they are gone

If you want to show her how much you love her

There’s just nothing better than a charm!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

– R