The Charm of a Total Solar Eclipse

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Whether you’re a realist or a believer of folklore and fantasy, the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse on Monday, August 21st is sure to catch your eye. Of course, don’t look at it with your naked eyes – you must don complete UV protective eye gear before sneaking a peek. For those of us in India, it may be best to watch the NASA live feed as the eclipse is scheduled to happen during night, from 10:45pm IST for just under two hours.


Total Solar Eclipse by Nasa


What is a total solar eclipse?  Simply put, it is a relatively rare occasion wherein the Moon aligns completely with the Sun and the Earth such that it blocks or eclipses the Sun’s light rays and causes the Earth to be covered in darkness during the orbit path that crosses the Sun. Depending on where you are located, you may be able to see all, some or none of the effects of the total solar eclipse.

We’re not scientists here at fourseven, but we do love to celebrate the amazing beauty of our culture, our world and our universe.  That’s what our Charms collection is all about. You get to choose the charms that you connect with – that are special to you. Then you get to build your own story.  Below are a few fourseven charms that relate to the upcoming total solar eclipse.


Moon Magnetism Charm

The Moon is associated with romance and dreams and guiding light in a dark sky. Couples want to dance under the moonlit sky; children dream of flying to the Moon; sailors look to the Moon to guide them across the seas.  Did you know the gravitational pull of the Moon has a direct impact on the tidal waves across our Earth?

Moon Magnetism Charm by fourseven


The fourseven Moon Magnetism charm details the magnetic pull of the Moon and the impact of the waves. It also showcases the nine phases of the Moon, from waxing to waning. It is a reminder that though our moon does not provide us light of its own, it reflects the beauty and light of our sun to guide us during the darkest hours and to give us the courage and confidence to push forward and follow our dreams.


Sunshine Charm

Have you ever noticed how your mood changes when it’s sunny outside? The big ball of golden sunshine brightens the sky and puts a smile on our faces at the same time. Maybe it is scientific – the light and the vitamin D absorption give us the energy and excitement to get up and get moving. But whatever the reason, the sun’s light is most definitely a motivator!

Sunshine Charm by fourseven

The fourseven Sunshine Charm celebrates the playfulness that we feel when the sun is shining and we have the whole day ahead of us. The golden ball of warmth and light is surrounded by shiny silver rays that glisten in the mid-day sky. The back of the charm details the sun’s rays and gives a hint of the cool feeling we get when we seek the shelter of a tree’s shadow.


Yours, Mine and Ours

We all share the same sun and the same moon in the sky. If we are open to it, we let them affect our mood, uplift our spirits and feel the immense greatness of the universe. True that. We are all children of the same universe.

Sunshine and Moon Magnetism Charm with Large Bead and Box Chain

But we are all different too. The beauty of our charms collection is that you can choose how you want to wear your charms to suit your own special and unique style. We’ve shown you a few ways in this note, but there are countless ways to wear them. Stack them on different bracelets. Load them up on a single charm bracelet. Layer them on different lengths of chains. Couple them on a charm necklace. Clip them onto your anklet. The ideas are limited only to your imagination.


Fourseven Charm Necklace with Sunshine and Moon Magnetism Charm by fourseven

Fourseven Charm Necklace with Sunshine and Moon Magnetism Charm
₹ 4,000

Moon Magnetism Charm with Black Spinel Bead Bracelet by fourseven

Moon Magnetism Charm with Black Spinel Bead Bracelet

₹ 2,250

Sunshine Charm with White Onyx Bead Bracelet by fourseven

Sunshine Charm with White Onyx Bead Bracelet

₹ 2,050


So let your creative side out for a spin during the Total Solar Eclipse and find your own personal style. If you do, send us a pic on We’d love to see it!