Types of Necklaces and Accessories for Different Necklines


Types of Necklaces and Accessories for Different Necklines Blog

Dressing up is an art. Style isn’t something you learn by the book, it’s an expression of your personality, your mood, your interests and more. However, there are some basic guidelines developed by experts over the years that can help you step up your style game. Who would have thought that the types of necklaces you wear, could be affected by different necklines, which could, in turn, affect your style (for better or for worse), but successful fashion experiments, and some unsuccessful ones too, have proved this to be true! You don’t need to go through heavy research to figure out what kind of jewellery pairs well with different necklines once you understand the balance between various cuts and styles. We have curated a list of the most popular necklines and the perfect jewellery pairing with each.


Types of Necklaces and Accessories for Different Necklines:
Strapless or Tube Necklines – The straight line of the tube top, brings focus and helps elongate your neck. Pair your strapless necklines with a statement or simple choker types of necklaces, to keep the attention focussed on your neck. Pair your favourite choker necklaces with our cute charms and pendants, like the Drifting Snowflake Choker Pendant available at fourseven. You can also add a pair of studs like the One of a Kind Snowflake studs or small earrings if you want a more dressed up look.

Drifting snowflake choker pendant with the strap jewellery for different necklines


Sweetheart Necklines- Sweetheart necklines bring attention to the decolletage area. For the most flattering look, choose types of necklaces with pendants that end right above your neckline and rest on your bosom. You can pick one of our silver chain necklaces and pair them with a pendant of your choice. You could amp up the look with an arm accessory like the Deco Twin Finger Ring in Rose Quartz and Black Onyx.

Beauty within a shell pearl necklace jewellery for different necklines blog


Turtle Neck or High Necklines– Such necklines are tricky to accessorise because they tend to make your neck look shorter. Wear long danglers earrings like the Green Amethyst Faceted Dangler or mid-length pendant types of necklaces like those that end at your chest level like the Moondrop Pearl Earrings and Necklace set to create an illusion of a longer neck while upping your dressing game!

Green amethyst faceted dangler jewellery for different necklines blog

moon drop pearl and necklace set jewellery for different necklines blog


Off-Shoulder Necklines– Like sweetheart necklines, off-shoulder necklines also bring a lot of attention to the decolletage area. These necklines look best when paired with types of necklaces that bring attention to your neck region without overcrowding. Pick a simple necklace that ends above your neckline like the Infinity Charm Necklace for an elegant look or accessorize with an additional arm accessory like the Sharadhi Three Stone Bangle in Smokey Quartz for a dressier look.

sharadhi 3 stone bangle in smokey quartz jewellery for different necklines blog


Boat Necklines– Boat necks are one of the most flattering necklines on their own and look best with studs or small earrings that do not draw too much attention away from the neckline. Pick one of our many sterling silver stud earrings or choose smaller earrings like the Jaali Ornament Earrings that will add a perfect and subtle touch of glamour to your outfit.

jaali ornament earrings jewellery for different necklines blog


V- Necklines– V-necks are difficult to accessorize because most types of necklaces clash with the triangular shape of the ‘V’. The trick is to use a short necklace with a triangular shaped pendant, that will add to the ‘V’ shape and take the attention downwards. You can get the Gratia Elegance Necklace in Turquoise and Black Spinel or The Zahra Necklace for a more elegant look.
Gratia elegance necklace in turquoise and black spinel jewellery for different necklines blog


Deep V or Deep Scoop Necklines– Such necklines expose a good amount of skin, giving you the opportunity to add a lot of volume while accessorizing, without creating a chaos. You could opt for single chains with pendants for a simple look. Slick multi-stranded types of necklaces or layered necklaces of various lengths will add some playfulness to your outfit. You could get the beautiful Key To My Heart Layered Necklace or create a custom layered necklace by choosing from our wide selection of chains and pendants.  

key to my heart layered necklace jewellery for different necklines blog


Square Necklines– Square necklines are the most flattering for those who want to highlight their jawline. However, since these necklines have too many harsh lines, the wrong accessory pairing might sway attention away from your neck and jawline. Square necklines are best brought out by asymmetrical or angular types of necklaces that help to maintain consistency in angles. Shorter types of necklaces that end at your collarbone, paired with angular pendants like the Ganesha Shloka Pendant or the See No Evil Pendant are great options to enhance square necklines.

See no evil pendant (with necklace) jewellery for different necklines blog


Round or Crew Necklines– Curved necklines support the shape of round types of necklaces and pendants and create a simple and pretty style statement. These necklines are very versatile and pair well with either short or long types of necklaces. If you opt for a short necklace, make sure your pendant ends above the neckline and if you choose a long necklace like the I’m a Dreamer Necklace, make sure that it extends beyond your neckline- don’t wear a necklace that ends right at the neckline because it will not add much impact.

I’m a dreamer necklace jewellery for different necklines blog



This is just a cheat-sheet- a reference guide for appropriate jewellery pairing for different necklines, to help make it easier for every woman to accessorise her outfits in the best fashion possible. You could always switch it up and play with different types of necklaces and accessories to find your perfect fit for different necklines.

After all, fourseven is all about finding your signature style!