Understanding Trends In Jewelry

The great thing about jewelry is that the latest trends can cater to numerous styles and foster authenticism from so many countries.  Seeing local women in some part of India wear a chandelier earring can show up on the runway at Fashion Week in Mumbai just months later.  Something that catches one person’s eye can soon capture many across the globe!  Jewelry trends really do tie the world together one sterling silver chain at a time.

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New styles and trends can take months to be developed and sold in a mass market at department stores and wholesale distributors.  However custom and local jewelry creators are quickly able to create new pieces based on the latest buzz in fashion.  These are usually smaller businesses with minimal staff and that often make their items by hand. In fact, handmade and hand-finished jewelry is all the rage these days since they are usually one-off and unique. Charms and earrings are the biggest categories of hand-made jewelry.  Sales from boutique stores like fourseven are what truly stem the larger market and promote a new style of bracelet or necklace into a path of stardom.

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While larger metropolitan cities might have a greater variety of custom shops to offer such unique jewelry; the trends of these pieces seem to really base their popularity on the online sales and internet marketing.  Some custom jewelry makers may only be available online and therefore their offering of new styles can become almost instant after their initial creation is complete.  This truly gives online companies a leg up to start the newest trends and become the first ones setting the pace. This is especially true for semi-precious and affordable luxury segments which thrive on e-commerce with sterling silver being the most popular category, especially for work-wear and emotive jewelry.

E-commerce has really taken off in India and only assists in taking a new style of silver jewelry to a new level.  For example, online marketing in India is such a great way for jewelry and craftsmanship to become advertised and sold throughout the world.  This method of e-commerce brings a whole new stream of revenue to the country and allows their authentic works of art to become a quickly growing craze across the globe.  This also makes a great impact on tourism to the particular country as those who visit can view things online prior to their trip or even purchase them online after their visit. Those not fortunate to make the trip at all can still own a part of the culture by purchasing authentic jewelry online.

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Some of the unique work done in India can be seen in the variety of earrings and rings. Taking cue from the inimitably cultural and social heritage of the land, jewelers have fashioned earrings that speak of and reflect the rich folk tradition of the country. Using recurring motifs such as lotus, intricate designs, sapphires, autorickshaws and other cultural elements unique to the country, artisans in India have created their own language and currency in jewelry. This is strongly reflected in the wide range of emotive jewelry coming out of the country which incorporates religious symbols, regional tastes, culinary choices and others, making it a truly diverse nationality.

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Some countries may have more advanced experiences with their online businesses and e-commerce and therefore the unique designs and authentic compilations might become mainstream at a faster rate.  However, a great new style of jewelry will easily spread amongst all means of virtual communication and social media regardless of the host country’s capabilities.  This can be widely seen from the profusion of beads as a recurring motif and design element across the world – art beads are unique yet widely used element which enhances the beauty of a bracelet or anklet as also reflect the quick boom of Indian designs in jewelry around the world. Therefore, the trend will be set and the interest will multiply.  Those able to customize their craft will quickly profit from this rapid expansion of one distinctive design to a globally accepted new way to wear stud earrings.

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The hottest and newest styles seen on those we admire the most can make a simple classic sterling silver piece on trend too.  It does not take much to create a hype and hence a new style is born. Whether it’s a brand new kind of bracelet or a uniquely redesigned simple necklace; anything can end up turning heads at Fashion Week or making the cover of Vogue just as quickly.  Jewelry is what we make of it and how we wear it that brings its beauty into the lime light.