The Perfect Accessory for the Gentleman Who has Everything


  • Regular Price: Rs. 2,600

    Special Price Rs. 2,080

    Sudarshan Chakra Brooch

  • Regular Price: Rs. 3,150

    Special Price Rs. 2,050

    Tarkash Brooch

  • Regular Price: Rs. 1,300

    Special Price Rs. 950

    Dhanush Brooch

  • Rs. 1,750

    Dwishakti Brooch

  • Regular Price: Rs. 1,750

    Special Price Rs. 1,225

    Jai Hind India Brooch

  • Regular Price: Rs. 3,100

    Special Price Rs. 2,170

    Mayura Peacock Feather Brooch

  • Flat 15% by fourseven

  • Regular Price: Rs. 3,200

    Special Price Rs. 2,240

    Zahra Brooch

  • Regular Price: Rs. 2,400

    Special Price Rs. 1,920

    Ganapati Brooch

  • Rs. 2,580

    Sudarshan Chakra Brooch Moli Bracelet

  • Rs. 2,250

    Dwishakti Om Trishul Brooch Moli Bracelet

  • Disney Collection by by Fourseven

  • Rs. 2,420

    Ganapati Brooch Moli Bracelet

  • Rs. 2,550

    Tarkash Brooch Moli Bracelet

  • Rs. 2,670

    Mayura Peacock Feather Brooch Moli Bracelet

  • Regular Price: Rs. 2,700

    Special Price Rs. 2,160

    Kanha Bansuri Flute Brooch

  • Regular Price: Rs. 2,700

    Special Price Rs. 2,160

    Holly Brooch

  • Rs. 2,300

    Gyaan Mudra Brooch

  • Sold Out

    Regular Price: Rs. 2,800

    Special Price Rs. 1,400

    Poinsettia Flower Brooch

  • Sold Out
    Rs. 1,850

    Gold-Plated Silver Om Trishul Dwishakti Brooch


Our range of men's brooches in sterling silver make a great gift for the gentleman that has everything! Classic brooches add that final touch to your outfit and are the perfect accessory for work and other special occasions. Brooches add that instant touch of style to your outfit. Suits and coats are a staple of corporate life and evening wear - add a dash of contemporary style with our collection of silver brooches. These designer brooches are inspired by diverse sources such as Indian mythology and popular symbols like the popular Mayura Peacock Feather Brooch.

Auspicious Brooch

Add an auspicious touch to your wedding outfit with our brooch pins. Ganapati Brooch, Dwishakti Brooch and the Dhanush Brooch are all inspired by Hindu dieties or popular symbols in Hinduism.

Brooch Accessory

Our brooches are very versatile and can easily be paired with our wraparound moli bracelets to create a unique and bright accessory like the Wraparound Moli Bracelet with Tarkash Brooch.