Our Philosophy

Women are rich in complexity and mystery. Each of us has a unique personality and we choose when, where and how to express our individuality. Through our words and actions, those who interact with us get to know what we choose to reveal.

Through our appearances and accessories, also, we also make an implicit statement—we send a message reflecting which aspect of our personas we have chosen to highlight at the time.

Have you ever looked in your closet and sorted through a variety of outfits, all of which would be appropriate for the occasion, only to pass each of them up, as they just didn’t suit your mood? We know the feeling. It’s a woman thing. It makes us who we are.

Maybe you’re feeling a bit playful that day and you want to show it. Or maybe you want to reach out to the larger universe for a spiritual connection and make a statement or start a conversation. You may feel in your ‘muesli and organic’ mood sometimes and just want to be comfortable. Some days you may just want to keep things simple and easy, with a touch of class. We all want to feel a bit sexy and alluring at times, too. We are women, after all.

At fourseven, we believe that women should feel confident in all of our personas. We need not stick to one view of ourselves—the way others see us. We are fun loving, full of life, down to earth, spiritual, open, alluring, down to business and adventuresome individuals, each with our own unique passions, experiences and stories to tell.

We want to help you tell your stories.