Father's Day Gifts

For the man who has always been your strength.

Father's Day Gifts

  • Rs. 7,950

    Roots and Wings Cuff Bangle

  • Rs. 1,750

    Jai Hind India Brooch

  • Rs. 6,000

    True North Compass Cufflinks

  • Rs. 6,750

    Pillar of Strength Adjustable Bangle

  • Rs. 3,600

    Fearless Rune Cufflinks

  • Rs. 2,400

    Ganapati Brooch

  • Gifts for Valentine by fourseven

  • Rs. 7,400

    14K Gold Damru Charm

  • Rs. 3,550

    Ashok Chakra Wheel of Progress Cufflinks

  • Rs. 2,850

    Simplicity Rudraksh Bracelet with Large Damru Charm

  • Rs. 3,100

    Mayura Peacock Feather Brooch

  • E-Gift Cards

  • Rs. 5,300

    Capture the Moment DSLR Camera Cufflinks

  • Rs. 1,900

    Gautama Ring - Adjustable

  • Rs. 2,100

    Ganesha Band Ring - Adjustable

  • Rs. 1,400

    Simplicity Rudraksh Bracelet with Shakti Trishul Charm

  • Rs. 4,050

    Vajra Cufflinks

  • Rs. 6,900

    Howzzat Cufflinks

  • Rs. 3,500

    Shri Yantra Cufflinks

  • Rs. 1,300

    Dhanush Brooch

  • Rs. 1,600

    Kindred Band Ring

  • Rs. 1,800

    Simplicity Rudraksh Bracelet with Shri Yantra Charm

  • Rs. 3,150

    Tarkash Brooch

  • Rs. 5,850

    Atharva Cufflinks

  • Rs. 4,500

    Fleur De Lis Cufflinks

  • Rs. 7,000

    Knight's Move Cufflinks

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Dads are our biggest super heroes, no matter how old we become, we’ll still be their little buddies. They always have our back, no matter how big the problem is! They make a lot of sacrifices to make our life better. If mother is love, then father is an inspiration. He is the driving force of the family. If we are in need of something, the first person who comes in our mind is our father. He is the one who fulfils all our needs happily. Father guide us at every stage and help us in making important decisions in our life. Father’s Day is day to honor fathers for the important role that they play in our life. It is an occasion to make them feel special with wonderful Father’s Day gifts. Show your love and affection for your father with these gifts.

In many countries, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. This year it will be celebrated on 16th June. Fourseven presents a wide range of personalized Father’s Day gift ideas to show love to our beloved dad. Shop Father’s Day Gifts online and make this day memorable for him.

Show him Love by Gifting Best and Cool Father’s Day Presents

This Father's day, show him how much he means to you with a special and meaningful gift from fourseven. We have curated a collection of Father’s Day presents with unique spiritual and classy styles that your father will cherish forever. The gift collection comprises of silver jewelry products and accessories that he can admire for a long time and keep them close to his heart. All the products are handmade in pure 92.5 sterling silver with elegant designs.

Have a look at the best Father’s Day gifts collection offered by Fourseven

Stylish Bracelets

Gift your father a stylish piece of bracelet and let him flaunt his style. There are range of bracelets to choose from this collection. Following table lists some of stylish bracelet pieces to look for:




Simplicity Rudraksh Bracelet with Shakti Trishul Charm

Symbolizes three shaktis – will, action, and wisdom. Great gift for spiritual men


Seven Chakras Charm with Black Spinel Bead Bracelet

Lovely gift representing the seven primary energy zones in the body


Double Layer Rudraksh Bracelet with Om Charm

Rudraksh beads with stylish accent beads


Double Wrap Dark Brown PU Faux Leather Band Bracelet with Lotus Mandal Pendant

Cool and stylish symbolizing enlightenment and persistence

Rs.3650 to Rs.3800

Simplicity Rudraksh Bracelet with Large Damru Charm

Auspicious gift for father symbolizing spiritual energy


Ear Studs

Not many men love wearing ear studs but if your father is fond of wearing ear studs then this is the perfect choice. There is an elegant Fleur De Lis Stud symbolizing perfection, light, and life. It can be worn individually or in pair. Om Stud is the best gift for dad if he is more into spiritual path. Om symbol represents admiration for life and is associated with harmony, peace, good luck, fortune, and eternal bliss. Other good choice as Father’s Day gift from this category is the Svasti Stud. Swastik is a holy symbol holding an important place in Hindu religion. It is great for any occasion and your father will absolutely love this gift.


Brooch is a stylish accessory that every man should possess. Brooch is one of the best Father’s Day gifts from son. Let your dad make a style statement with elegant Dhanush Brooch. This brooch is decorated with beautiful cubic zirconia stones adding charm to the wearer. Another great selection is the Jai Hind India Brooch. It is beautifully crafted representing the map of India and can be worn with shirts and blazers. Mayura Peacock Feather Brooch is an elegant brooch for subtle style statement. It makes for a great gift for father.


Fourseven brings to you a stylish collection of silver rings. A ring can be a great Father’s Day gift from daughter. Gautama Ring is an elegant ring for those who follow the teachings of Gautama Buddha. It is magnificently crafted and is a good option as gift for father. Another one from the list is Ganesha Band Ring honoring Ganesh ji. It has exquisite design and is perfect for any auspicious occasion. Your father will love stylish and contemporary Trishul Band Ring. This intricate ring represents the powerful Trishul symbol.


We have scores of designer cufflinks under Father’s Day Gifts collection. Cufflinks are totally great for a formal look and it completes the look of a man. Shri Yantra Cufflinks are beautiful cufflinks representing the spiritual journey from materialistic existence to ultimate enlightenment. It can be a great addition to your father’s wardrobe box. If your father loves chai then gift him offbeat Chai Cutting Cufflinks. Cufflinks are not only for style statement; they can be fun. Our Kettle Cufflinks prove the same. These cufflinks are designed after street-side chai wala’s kettle.

Apart from these, there are some other unique Father’s Day gifts available at Fourseven. There is a classical Vajra Charm which is a symbol of strength, wisdom, and indestructibility. It can be worn on a cord necklace, chain, or on a Charm Bracelet. Your dad will love it as it is great for style statement for men. Another great gifting option for father is Spectrum: X Charm. This symbol gives a strong message that before anything else, we are humans first.Shower love to your father with thoughtful Father’s Day presents by Fourseven.

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Choose unique gifts for Dad via online shopping from a huge online selection of handcrafted silver accessories at fourseven and enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience. All our products and accessories are designed and crafted in India. We deliver all across India with the option of express delivery as well. Our delivery extends internationally as well in countries like United States of America(USA), United Kingdom(UK), France, Germany, Australia, Canada, United Arab Emirates(UAE), Singapore, etc. All our gift boxes come with complimentary gift cards so you can buy gifts for your dad online and express your love with a personalized message.