Gifts for Him

Contemporary Yet Classic.

Choose a gift that he will love and cherish forever.

Gifts for Him

  • Rs. 600

    Svasti Stud

  • Rs. 600

    Om Stud

  • Regular Price: Rs. 1,950

    Special Price Rs. 1,450

    Figaro Link Bold Bracelet

  • Regular Price: Rs. 2,000

    Special Price Rs. 1,500

    Green Onyx Charm Bracelet - Medium

  • Rs. 1,700

    Dwishakti Pendant

  • Regular Price: Rs. 900

    Special Price Rs. 450

    Full Metal Bracelet

  • Flat 15% off by Fourseven

  • Regular Price: Rs. 1,650

    Special Price Rs. 1,500

    Auto Rickshaw Charm

  • Regular Price: Rs. 1,150

    Special Price Rs. 750

    Chai Cutting Charm

  • Regular Price: Rs. 850

    Special Price Rs. 550

    Shankh Charm In Gold

  • Regular Price: Rs. 900

    Special Price Rs. 700

    Om Charm in Gold

  • Flora And Fauna Charms by fourseven

  • Regular Price: Rs. 1,200

    Special Price Rs. 300

    Yogi Lotus Charm-Gold

  • Regular Price: Rs. 1,200

    Special Price Rs. 300

    Yogi Lotus Charm-Silver

  • Regular Price: Rs. 1,400

    Special Price Rs. 700

    Football Charm

  • Rs. 825

    Simplicity Moli Bracelet with Kalash Charm

  • Regular Price: Rs. 1,850

    Special Price Rs. 1,500

    Capture the Moment DSLR Camera Charm

  • Regular Price: Rs. 1,300

    Special Price Rs. 650

    Gotta Run Charm

  • Regular Price: Rs. 700

    Special Price Rs. 350

    Cricket Bat Charm

  • Regular Price: Rs. 1,750

    Special Price Rs. 1,250

    I'd Rather Be Reading Book Charm

  • Regular Price: Rs. 3,950

    Special Price Rs. 2,950

    Kettle Cufflinks

  • Regular Price: Rs. 4,700

    Special Price Rs. 3,900

    Auto Rickshaw Cufflinks

  • Regular Price: Rs. 3,950

    Special Price Rs. 2,450

    Chai Cutting Cufflinks

  • Regular Price: Rs. 600

    Special Price Rs. 300

    Musical Note Charm

  • Regular Price: Rs. 5,850

    Special Price Rs. 4,700

    Atharva Cufflinks

  • Regular Price: Rs. 4,050

    Special Price Rs. 3,000

    Vajra Cufflinks

Delight Your Men with Our Quality Jewelry Gifts for Him

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”

Are you looking for unique, classy and extraordinary gifts for him? If yes, find perfect gifts for that special someone who is strong, smart, protective and someone who has always been there for you. Choose a gift that he will love and cherish forever.

Explore our alluring range of gifts available exclusively for your loved one and make him feel extra special. Our each and every gift perfectly describes your love for him and will surely charm your guy. You can pick any gift from our Gifts for Him collection online, depending on his preference and become a reason of his happiness.

Men's jewellery has meaning associated to it. Some guys like to add that touch of class to their attire with Designer cufflinks, while other simply rock the look with studs. Bead and Leather bracelets are also popular jewellery items for men. We bring to you the eye-popping range of gifts which is apt for describing your love for him. Classic men's jewellery is a great way to go for birthdays, Christmas, Father's Day and other special occasions.

Some of the highlights of this collection include 'Tarkash Brooch' which is inspired from Hindu mythology and is a symbol of righteousness and good governance. Men’s studs like Dhyan, Om and Svasti are also perfect for any occasion, and will surely add a new dimension to his look. Hamsa and Dhanush Pendant are also great gift option for men who love to make a meaningful style statement.

Another showstopper in this collection is the Crazy about Cricket ring, which is a great gift for that crazy cricket or sports fan in your life.

Our gifts for him section is perfect to shop for that special guy in your life. Whether you are looking for somehting for your dad, grandfather, boyfriend or sibling, we have a great array of our sterling silver pieces that he will surely love. From cufflinks and brooches to pendants, you are sure to find something for every guy on your list.

Your loved ones are special, so make sure they feel that way!

Surprise Him this Valentine’s day!

We all know that men have a hard time expressing their feelings. But we also know that, inwardly, they jump like little children when you tell them you love them. And fourseven has the perfect choices for Valentines day gifts for him. You could show how much you appreciate the things he loves by gifting him charms that depict his passions. From photography to travel to reading, fourseven has you covered. Or you could gift him some elegant cufflinks or brooches that complete his trendy look. After all, nothing will make you feel better when you see the look on his face when he opens your perfect Valentine’s gift.