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Harmony of Opposites Pendant

Product Code : N-281-SP-S

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Rs. 2,900
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Yin and Yang
Day and Night
Water and Fire
Negative and Positive
Dark and Light
Heaven and Earth
Male and Female
Autumn and Winter
Devil and Angel

In everything there is balance. There is a harmony in opposites. An attraction that is inevitable as opposing forces work together to create balance in the universe.

The fourseven Harmony of Opposites Pendant recognises that within each of us are seeming contradictions that ultimately make us whole. We've chosen to make this pendant using the Mobius Strip as it is the only shape in the world that has only one side and one edge. This in and of itself is a contradiction to the idea of opposites. Elegance in complexity.

Style ideas: Your Harmony of Opposites pendant is meant to be a reflection of your own style.
- Wear it as a statement piece on a chain or cord necklace.
- Wrap your scarf through it
- Thread it through your leather or cord band as a bracelet

Made in pure 92.5 sterling silver. Lead and nickel safe even for sensitive skin.

Hand-crafted in India with love.

Dimensions :  Length: 33.8mm,Width: 30.7mm
Color :  Silver

Other Colors :

Metal :
   Pure Sterling 925 Silver
   Lead and Nickel Safe

Stone :
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