Marvel in the graceful brilliance and simplicity of the Marcasite Collection. These stunning bracelets, earrings and rings will never go out of fashion.


The Marcasite Collection

The use of Marcasite for crafting exclusive jewelry items is an ancient tradition and we at fourseven bring to you an exclusive collection of this unique jewelry. The ever-so-subtle sparkle of Marcasite enhances the grace and appeal of this jewelry that has been a favorite of the royal ladies and the common folks alike. What makes the jewelry truly stand apart is the intricacy of the designs that are used in almost every single product of this specific type.

About fourseven Marcasite Collection

We have combined the dazzle of some of the most exclusive gemstones with the beauty of Marcasite to create a unique jewelry collection. We offer rings, pendants, bangles and bracelets and earrings that feature to the most complex patterns and styles and are studded with some of the best and most colorful gemstones. The designs are chosen with great care to ensure that they draw the attention of onlookers without actually being too vivid or loud. Wear them to a party or wear them to your work, they will compliment your personality in a perfect manner and make you look elegant and stylish at once.

Choose From Our Exclusive Range

At fourseven believe that every woman is unique just like every product on our website. Our Marcasite Collection is designed to help you give vent to your inner beauty and let you shine in a pleasing and appealing manner. Choose from our exclusive collection of these hand crafted jewelry items that are sure to enhance your sense of style and make you feel happy and confident. Just like the gemstones in these jewelry items, let your true colors of love and affection shine through as you move about with poise and style. Get ready to wow the world with your graceful appeal and the smooth shine and shimmer of your favorite product from our Marcasite collection.