She Shakti

Celebrate Women's Day with Expressive Gifts

There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.


She Shakti

  • Rs. 1,200

    Choose Happy Message Ring

  • Rs. 1,500

    Live Love Laugh Message Ring

  • Rs. 1,250

    Peace Message Ring

  • Rs. 1,250

    Young Wild Free Message Ring

  • Rs. 1,500

    Mind Body Soul Message Ring

  • Regular Price: Rs. 600

    Special Price Rs. 420

    Silver Stallion Stud

  • Regular Price: Rs. 1,900

    Special Price Rs. 1,330

    Sattva Lotus Necklace

  • Regular Price: Rs. 4,500

    Special Price Rs. 3,150

    Maa (माँ ) Harmony Ball Pendant

  • Regular Price: Rs. 6,500

    Special Price Rs. 4,550

    Style in My DNA Cuff Bangle

  • Regular Price: Rs. 2,500

    Special Price Rs. 1,750

    Blooming Champa Stud Earrings

  • Regular Price: Rs. 950

    Special Price Rs. 475

    Strut Your Stuff Stiletto Charm

  • Regular Price: Rs. 2,100

    Special Price Rs. 1,470

    Stardust Potion Pendant

  • Regular Price: Rs. 5,400

    Special Price Rs. 3,900

    Maa (माँ ) Harmony Ball Long Necklace - 36

  • From: Rs. 2,450

    To: Rs. 8,800

    Wanderlust Charm Bracelet

  • Regular Price: Rs. 1,800

    Special Price Rs. 1,260

    Blooming Rose Stud Earrings

  • Rs. 850

    Blooming Rose Charm

  • Rs. 1,600

    Kindred Band Ring

  • From: Rs. 2,150

    To: Rs. 7,390

    The Dreamer's Bracelet

  • Regular Price: Rs. 1,100

    Special Price Rs. 770

    Dreamer Pisces Zodiac Charm with Aquamarine

  • Regular Price: Rs. 1,700

    Special Price Rs. 1,190

    Unwind Spirit Stone Pendant with Hematite

  • Regular Price: Rs. 1,700

    Special Price Rs. 1,190

    Energise Spirit Stone Pendant with Black Spinel

  • Regular Price: Rs. 2,100

    Special Price Rs. 1,470

    Soothe Spirit Stone Pendant with Amethyst

  • Rs. 1,400

    Heal Spirit Stone Pendant with Jade

  • Regular Price: Rs. 1,500

    Special Price Rs. 1,050

    Love Spirit Stone Pendant with Rose Quartz

When is International Women's Day (IWD) 2019 and Why do we celebrate it?

Women’s Day is celebrated internationally on 8th March each to pay respect to women and celebrate their existence. Women deserve the same respect and position in society as men get. We need a balanced world in which there is no gender-based discrimination. International Women’s Day 2019 celebrates women empowerment, balance, and expression. You can celebrate this occasion by gifting women who hold special place in your life with women’s day gifts. How to find the best gift for women’s day? Fourseven has come up with a vast range of She-Shakti collections to find women’s day gifts online.

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She Shakti Gifts Collection for Girls and Women for Happy Women's Day - FOURSEVEN

Women’s Day is a day to pay a tribute to women over the world for their achievements. Our She-Shakti Collection honors the political, social and economic achievements of women all around the world. We at Fourseven have a unique collections of silver jewelry as an international women’s day gifts.The collection features silver jewellery for women of today- who are ready to break the glass ceilings and claim their place in the world. Some of the featured products from this collection include the Breakthrough Earrings that are symbolic of women breaking barriers and shattering the glass ceilings that restrict them. Our Invincible Queen collection like queen necklaces, palm cuffs etc inspired by the fearless and courageous Rani of Jhansi, also dedicated to women who put up a battle against all obstacles in their path to success. Explore our unique range of Women’s Day gifts that inspire and celebrate womanhood.

We have a Spectrum Stud – G with Venus symbol which represents females or you can gift The Road Not Taken Message Ring with the same message engraved on it. ‘The Road Not Taken’ is a famous poem written by Robert Frost.

If you are looking for corporate gifts for women’s day, then we have a unique collection of rings such as Conquer Message Ring giving a message to conquer the world and the Explore Message Ring highlighting the message of exploring oneself particularly women.

Surprise your girl on Women’s Day with our domestic and international shipping

At Fourseven, we take the responsibility to deliver the gifts on women’s day to your loved ones. Our shipping is not just limited to India but to other countries as well. The notable countries where we deliver are United States of America(USA), United Kingdom(UK), Australia, Germany, Singapore, Canada, Mexico, United Arab Emirates(UAE), Russia etc. So, hurry up. Don’t miss the chance to celebrate women’s day with wonderful gifts.