A whisper of colorful petals in spring opens up new horizons. Light, breezy and fun - our Spring collection pays tribute to the most romantic of seasons.

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Springtime Classics

If Winter Comes, can Spring be far behind?

Spring Collection fourseven
Lotus Pendant

Love for Lotus

There is something deeply alluring about the unassuming Lotus. The lotus flower is an icon of magnificence, affection, and harmony.

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Stacked Rings

Fashionistas have been rocking the stacked ring trend. Stack in style with these fun and flirty rings.

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XOXO Charm and Gratia rings

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A Spring in Your Step

Walk with a spring in your step by pairing up your favourite springtime charm with anklets.

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Gift your loved ones something special this season.

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Spring Collection 2016 for Rings

Stack several ring to rock this season's most wanted look. Accentuate your wardrobe with our eye-catching collection of rings, inspired by spring. Spring is a beautiful time for weddings and if you are planning to get a ring slipped on your finger soon, you will surely appreciate these lovely collection of rings we have.

Adjustable Rings: Perfect Gifting Options

Our range of resizable and adjustable rings are perfect gifting options. You don't have to worry about the ring size and you certainly don't have to spoil the surprise by asking that special someone about their ring size.

In the spring month, being the time when color appears everywhere, we would love to fill colors in your life or wedding with our ring collection. Our collection is filled with pieces that you can treasure forever. So what are you waiting for? Celebrate the season of spring with our lovely rings inspired by nature.