Stack in style with these fun and flirty rings.


  • Rs. 2,300

    Les Fleurs Twin Daisy Ring

  • Rs. 1,850

    Les Fleurs Tulips Ring

  • Rs. 3,800

    Abha Ring in Peridot and Amethyst

  • Rs. 3,100

    Gold-Plated Silver Kalini Ring in Amethyst-14

  • Rs. 1,700

    Blooming Rose Ring

  • Rs. 1,800

    Enamel Band Ring in Green-17

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  • Rs. 2,500

    Paisley Plume Ring

  • Rs. 1,250

    Young Wild Free Message Ring

  • Rs. 1,600

    Tara Ring

  • Rs. 5,400

    Duchess Ring in Rainbow Moonstone

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  • Rs. 1,950

    Shooting Star Nail Ring

  • Rs. 1,150

    A Sunny Day Adjustable Ring

  • Rs. 1,500

    Flutterby Butterfly Adjustable Ring

  • Rs. 1,100

    Dreamy Dragonfly Adjustable Ring

  • Rs. 1,500

    My Lucky Day Adjustable Ring

  • Rs. 3,000

    Abha Ring in Golden Topaz and Garnet

  • Rs. 1,400

    Gratia Silver Ring in Blue Chalcedony

  • Rs. 1,400

    Gratia Golden Ring in Lemon Quartz

  • Rs. 1,400

    Gratia Silver Ring in Aqua Chalcedony

  • Rs. 1,400

    Gratia Silver Ring in Pink Opal

  • Rs. 1,400

    Gratia Golden Ring in Peridot

  • Rs. 1,400

    Gratia Silver Ring in Aqua Blue Topaz

  • Rs. 1,400

    Gratia Textured Golden Ring in Lemon Quartz

  • Rs. 1,400

    Gratia Golden Ring in Amethyst

Spring Collection – Rings

Stack several ring to rock this season's most wanted look. Accentuate your wardrobe with our eye-catching collection of rings, inspired by spring. Spring is a beautiful time for weddings and if you are planning to get a ring slipped on your finger soon, you will surely appreciate these lovely collection of rings we have.

Adjustable Rings: Perfect Gifting Options

Our range of resizable and adjustable rings are perfect gifting options. You don't have to worry about the ring size and you certainly don't have to spoil the surprise by asking that special someone about their ring size.

In the spring month, being the time when color appears everywhere, we would love to fill colors in your life or wedding with our ring collection. Our collection is filled with pieces that you can treasure forever. So what are you waiting for? Celebrate the season of spring with our lovely rings inspired by nature.