Seed Of Life Necklace by fourseven

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  • Seed Of Life Necklace by fourseven
  • Seed Of Life Necklace in sterling silver
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Seed Of Life Necklace
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It is believed that geometrical and mathematical harmony will be found within the core building blocks of existence. The Seed of Life with its seven concentric circles is a universal symbol of creation that embodies this belief of Sacred Geometry. The 7 interlocking circles are said to represent many different things, each of which has its own deeper meaning: - the 7 days of creation in which God created life - the 7 chakras of the body - the 7 colours of the rainbow - the 7 days of the week The Seed of Life represents the point at which mystery meets the beauty of all creation--where the most beautiful of all patterns and geometric creations exist and there is a complete cosmic consciousness imbibed into this single seed of existence. The fourseven Seed of Life necklace is a symbol of our desire to connect deeply with the very heart of all of existence and to play our own vital part in the universe. Style tip: This Seed Of Life Necklace is bundled up with Rolo Chain- 26 inches, you can wear it as a single pendant too with a chain of your choice. Pure 925 Sterling Silver with semi-precious stones in peridot, blue topaz, amethyst, rock crystal, yellow sapphire, citrine, garnet. Hypoallergenic: safe even for sensitive skin. Hand-crafted in India with love. Note:- This piece is handcrafted and the stones are natural; therefore variations may occur in stone colour.

Specification :Dimension of Pendant: Length: 21.3mm, Width: 20.2mm, Dimension of Chain: 26 inches
Metal :Pure Sterling 925 Silver, Lead and Nickel Safe
Stone :   None