Rakhis for Your Brother

A bond of togetherness

Celebrate the irreplaceable bond between brothers and sisters with unique silver Rakhis from fourseven.

Rakhis for Your Brother

  • Rs. 2,250

    Dwishakti Brooch Rakhi

  • Rs. 1,800

    Wrap Around Moli Bracelet with Ganesha Pendant

  • Rs. 3,100

    Sudarshan Chakra Brooch Rakhi

  • Rs. 2,900

    Ganapati Brooch Rakhi

  • Rs. 2,350

    Infinity Bond Rakhi

  • Rs. 2,700

    Lotus Mandal Wrap Rakhi

  • Friendship Day Gifts by fourseven

  • Rs. 1,550

    Eternal Connection Rakhi

  • Rs. 3,650

    Tarkash Brooch Rakhi

  • Rs. 3,600

    Mayura Peacock Feather Brooch Rakhi

  • Rs. 3,700

    Wrap Around Moli Bracelet with Seed Of Life Pendant

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  • Rs. 2,650

    Wrap Around Moli Bracelet with Large Damru Charm

  • Rs. 1,200

    Wrap Around Moli Bracelet with Shakti Trishul Charm

  • Rs. 1,400

    Simplicity Rudraksh Bracelet with Shakti Trishul Charm

  • Rs. 1,550

    Simplicity Rudraksh Bracelet with Om Charm in Silver

  • Rs. 1,450

    Wrap Around Moli Bracelet with Kalash Charm

  • Rs. 1,800

    Wrap Around Moli Bracelet with Lakshmi & Ganesh ji Charm

  • Rs. 1,600

    Wrap Around Moli Bracelet with Seven Chakras Charm

  • Rs. 1,350

    Wrap Around Moli Bracelet with Shankh Charm In Silver

  • Rs. 1,450

    Wrap Around Moli Bracelet with Svasti Charm

  • Rs. 2,550

    Wrap Around Moli Bracelet With Rangoli Ganesha Charm

  • Rs. 2,850

    Simplicity Rudraksh Bracelet with Large Damru Charm

  • Rs. 1,550

    ब्रो Bro Rakhi

  • Rs. 1,650

    Simplicity Rudraksh Bracelet with Damru Charm

  • Rs. 3,500

    Ganapati Brooch Rakhi Gift Set


Celebrate a Lifetime of Love with Rakhis that Last Forever

Raksha Bandhan is an amalgamation of two words - ‘Raksha’ signifying the oath taken by brothers to protect their sisters and ‘Bandhan’ signifying the knot that is symbolic of this eternal promise. As per Indian customs, the tradition of celebrating this bond with the holy ritual of tying a Rakhi finds its roots amongst the many stories of the Mahabharatha. Legend has it that Queen Draupadi bandaged an injured Krishna, tying his bleeding wound with her own sari, and Lord Krishna swore to protect Queen Draupadi and blessed her with the words ‘Akshyam’ meaning ‘May it be unending’. The tying of a rakhi or the holy thread is thus symbolic of a timeless bond between a brother and a sister.

Celebrate this pious love with a range of handcrafted and unique silver rakhis from fourseven. Our Rakhis are crafted with 92.5% sterling silver baubles (charm/pendant/brooch) which can be paired with a handmade moli bracelet, a rudraksh bracelet or a semi-precious beaded bracelet to create one-of-a-kind statement pieces.

fourseven brings to you versatile rakhis that are crafted to last and can later be upcycled as a trendy accessory for any occasion. Our rakhis like the ‘Wrap around Moli Bracelet with Dwishakti Brooch’ or the ‘Simplicity Rudraksh Bracelet with Damru Charm’ are not just auspicious, but also stylish, creating a perfect blend between fashion and tradition. This Rakhi season, showcase your love for your brothers and create customised ornamental rakhis by choosing a silver charm/pendant/brooch from a range of carefully curated and meaningful holy symbols. These trinkets can later be removed from the moli bracelets and attached to any other bracelet or chain or can be worn as it is for a perfect indie-boho look.

Premium Silver Rakhis and Ready-To-Gift Options

Nothing shows your love better than designer silver rakhis intricately wrapped in elegant boxes. Each rakhi is individually packed with a personal message card and roli-chawal, making it a hassle free ready-to-gift option for your brothers.

Send Rakhi to US, UK, Canada and other countries

Your love for your brothers shouldn’t be restricted by geographical barriers. Send your rakhis to your beloved brothers anywhere in the world, no matter how far he is. We also offer Express Shipping within India, allowing your rakhis to reach your brother just in time for Raksha Bandhan.