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Received the Phoenix charm today... Loved it!!! Just cant wait for the hallows charm
Ankita M.
In 48 hours I got the delivery , in a perfect packet and the product was just as perfect as shown in website. Very happy with my purchase. Thank you FOURSEVEN.
Mou Sen
The charms are beautifully crafted and when chosen wisely come together to weave your own unique tale. I never write reviews let alone put up a photo, but I would recommend Fourseven to those who find charm bracelets charming. The masala charms in particular are one of a kind. Every Indian/tourist is likely to find something relatable. Besides, being pure silver they are reasonably priced compared to some other brands. Kudos to Fourseven for reintroducing the charm bracelet to the Indian market with such elan. 
Pallavi Mogre
It’s always a pleasure shopping here. You have some amazing designs and I thank you all for being so accommodating with customer requirements.
Rohini Ajay
This is pure sin. Regret buying. Now I need addiction treatment. Can someone save me? I bought a champa flower ear ring, and two other pieces. Please can someone delete this site from my contact list. Tooooo good.
Vanitha Muthukumar
Today I got ur dhanush pandent .... My daughter is very very happy to see it....thnx alot
Rakhee Gupta
Hi Team, Thank you i got my product delivery today. I am happy its good product happy to recieve it, I am happy & even my loved one too
Hi I'm so thankful to you fourseven.on my request you made such a prompt delivery.your products are so beautiful.i loved all of them.Have ordered more from you. Thanks so much for bringing up such beautiful creations .. love you guys Ray Tom
Ray Tom
Hi, I want to thank the fourseven team for taking so much care.i hv been a regular customer but now HV become a great fan of yours.thank you for your oh- so- efficient service.keep growing. All the best!
Sukhda S
Yours is a great team! I am really impressed. Its a wonderful experience shopping with you. Keep up the good work!
Bhumica C

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