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Hi fourseven, Thank you so much for the charms. Best gift from me to me :) Delivery of product was well within time, infact in jus 2 days of ordering. The products are super cute and beautiful :) Good job :)
Padma Jain
Extremely happy with the polki earrings.. Value for money.. Excellent Customer service as I had literally a list of 9-10 questions to which they tried their best to address..excellent attention to detail, lovely presentation of d box and hand written note..Fourseven u have won urself a regular customer and hope to buy many more polki pcs..
Pri Kumar Sabarwal
Hello team fourseven, I just received my heart to heart ring and I couldn't have gifted myself something more beautiful. Thank you for your prompt delivery and absolutely secure packaging. I actually took about 5 minutes to figure out how to open the sealed box. The design is beautiful, the finish is beautiful and it fits me like a glove. And the little box for the ring is also so beautiful... Thank you once again. Best wishes, Medha
Medha V
Those who know me know my love for silver. I have loved this metal from as long as I remember. Starting from nagging my grandmas, to hand me down their anklets and 'silver' ( the cutlery that I cherish), to scouting markets and collecting hand made jewellery for the last 30 years or so.. thus you can imagine my delight when I saw @myfourseven store right next to my home, opening a couple of weeks ago. I was probably one of their first few customers, ecstatic when i found what I had been looking for! Bracelets with the ability to attach charms!! ... with a finish to die for. I totally fell in love with all products on display. From cuff links to pendants to chains to charms and more.. since I started my career with Tanishq, I have this fondness for the craft and a natural affinity to spot superior craftsmanship. So, if you love silver or if you want to express love to your love 'gift silver' it can be self love too you can order stuff from them online too.
Sugandha D
Hello Team fourseven, Happy New Year! I've meaning to write this for a couple of weeks now and keep forgetting. I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful service, products, packaging and deliveries. I ordered two charm bracelets and a lot of charms for two very dear friends late last month and they couldn't be happier :-) I've attached a couple of pictures of the bracelet worn by one of the lucky recipients. The funny thing is, every time I log into the fourseven website it's to indulge myself and buy a charm bracelet as I've always wanted one, but for one reason or another I end up getting them as presents for friends! Hopefully, one day soon, one of the purchases will be for me :-D Thanks again guys and hope you're all looking forward forward to a happy and prosperous 2017! ------- Warmest, Shweta.
Shweta Wahi
Dear Team Fourseven, I placed my order with fourseven a few days ago and I received my package today. I must say it did certainly make me happy. I thought i must drop you a note to tell you all the same. Thank you. I adore them and I am quite certain to be coming back for more. The care and effort taken to package it and not to mention your team's personalized note made a difference. A big shout out to each member who on your team who is making this happen. A special kudos to the women on Fourseven - you make it look good. As a company you should most certainly feel proud of the experiences you create. It's not an easy business but you guys make it look good. Warm regards, A "happy" customer
Poornima Damodaran
Hi fourseven team! Yes, I just picked up my gold rickshaw charm and it's even more beautiful than I expected/imagined. It's absolutely lovely, even for a rickshaw! LOL. I am very pleased and feel quite special having it. Since it is so much bigger than most of my other charms, I've decided to wear it as a pendant for a bit as it has great eye appeal. I'm sure it will get more attention on my neck than on my wrist and it should since it's so beautiful and has such special significance for me. The bracelet will just have to wait... lol I am DELIGHTED to know that this is the first gold rickshaw charm. :-) I love owning original or one of a kind type pieces that also have a special memory for me. Thanks for making that possible! Thanks also for card, it was beautiful too! It has been a pleasure working with you. Wishing you much continued success! Gratefully,
Patricia D.
Thanks a ton team fourseven. Jus received my bracelet n the 1st of many many charms. I'm totally in love with it... the quality of the product, the quick delivery n to top it of the sweet personalised message... made me feel very special. Thanks a lot once again.
Pooja Divekar
Recieved my product.... very prompt service.... I just loved the pair of earrings.... very nicely packed.... with a personalized message.... It was a birthday gift for myself ..... n I'm loving it
Shreerupa Banerjee
Hi Team, Just received the product.This is amazing. Such a prompt response. Appreciate each one's effort. Thanks !!
Geetanjali Paul

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