Bent, scarred, cut, bruised …but never … Broken

Try as they might

to tear her down

to break her spirit

she remains...unbroken

The Fourseven Unbroken collection is inspired by the many women around the world who have faced tremendous challenges in their lives. We celebrate their strength and courage to overcome those challenges -whether they are physical, emotional, spiritual, societal or experiential - and come out stronger for it. We celebrate them and every person who works to overcome obstacles - may their spirits always remain Unbroken. We are all flawed in some way or another. We believe these flaws make each of us stronger and even more beautiful, inside and out.

Our Unbroken collection pays tribute to all the extraordinary women in the world that are putting themselves out there each and every day. With a never-give-up attitude in their minds and a confident smile on their faces, women take on and conquer all the challenges put in front of them.

Read on to read how our jewellery pieces are inspired by Unbroken women in society.

Unbroken Aura :  Women of many shades

The Fourseven Unbroken Aura Baali Earrings were designed with the concept of the Aura of a soul in mind. We started with a classic half-moon shape. Then we cracked the shape in several places to represent life's challenges that create strain and stress and can try to wear us down. Then we added a layer of sparkling zircons highlighted with golden hues to showcase how it is our ability to overcome life's challenges that makes us more beautiful and strengthens our aura.

Unbroken Spirit : Women of virtue

The Fourseven Unbroken Spirit Silver Drop Earrings were designed with the resilience of the human spirit in mind. We started with the classic teardrop shape. Then we softened and cracked the drop right down the centre and made its edges jagged to depict the stresses and challenges we all try to protect ourselves against each day. Then we layered the jagged edges with gorgeous sparkling green zircons to create a stunning elegance far more beautiful than a simple teardrop.

Unbroken Path : Women of Individuality

The Fourseven Unbroken Path Silver Baali Earrings signify independence and individuality. These Baalis are for women who won't compromise when it comes to how they want to live their lives. The organic cutout shapes with sparkling zircons represent this very idea. Though life may throw challenges at them and try to hold them back, they remain perseverant and will not let it deter them from following their chosen paths.


These were just a few of the items that are part of our gorgeous Unbroken Collection. Do make sure that you check out the entire Unbroken collection from Fourseven on our website, which includes several beautiful gift options for your loved ones. You can shop gifts for your family and friend online from our website, which will surely give happiness to your loved ones and will also help to make the bonds stronger and everlasting.