Silver Charm Holders

Create personal looks for every occasion with beautiful charmholders handcrafted in Sterling Silver.

Silver Charm Holders

  • Rs. 2,950

    Disney Mickey Minnie Marquise Charm Bracelet-small

  • Rs. 2,300

    Art Bead Charm Bracelet

  • Rs. 2,700

    Simply Charming Necklace

  • Rs. 3,200

    Long Link Charm Necklace

  • Rs. 2,150

    Elemental Charm Bracelet

  • Rs. 5,600

    Turquoise Charm Bracelet

  • Gifts for Father's Day by Fourseven

  • Rs. 4,800

    Rainbow Moonstone Lotus Charm Bracelet

  • Rs. 4,400

    Black Spinel Charm Bracelet

  • Rs. 5,000

    Black Spinel Lotus Charm Bracelet

  • Simply Charming Bracelet

  •  Born Stylish

  • Rs. 1,700

    Forever Charm Link Necklace

  • Rs. 1,400

    Forever Charm Necklace - Small Ring

  • Rs. 2,700

    Versatile Cubes Charm Necklace

  • Rs. 2,250

    Infinity Charm Necklace

  • Rs. 1,750

    Green Onyx Charm Bracelet - Small

  • Rs. 2,000

    Green Onyx Charm Bracelet - Medium

  • Sold Out
    Rs. 2,400

    Lotus Charm Necklace

  • Sold Out
    Rs. 4,150

    Rainbow Moonstone Charm Bracelet

Silver Charmholders

Light up every look to perfection ith beautiful charmholders cast from sterling silver. It's easy to create personal looks for every occasion with these elegant charmholders.

Buy One, Gift One Offer

For a limited period only - buy one silver charmholder and get the other one (lower priced) for free!