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Hoop earrings never go out of style.


  • Rs. 3,600

    Full Moon Jaali Baali Earrings

  • Rs. 2,300

    Lattice Half Hoops in Turquoise

  • Rs. 2,300

    Anugachchhatu Pravaaham Baali Earrings

  • Rs. 5,400

    Posh Penguin Hoop Earrings

  • Rs. 6,900

    Serpentine Snake Hoop Earrings

  • Rs. 3,200

    Breakthrough Baalis in Turquoise

  • Disney Collection by by Fourseven

  • Rs. 1,250

    Clover Cluster Baali Earrings

  • Rs. 2,300

    Sunshine Baali Earrings

  • Rs. 4,200

    Mickey Rawa Statement Hoop Earrings

  • Rs. 2,400

    Gold-Plated Silver Lattice Half Hoops with Pink

  • Flora And Fauna Charms by fourseven

  • Rs. 2,700

    Dhanush Baali Earrings

  • Rs. 3,000

    Panache Baali Earrings

  • Rs. 2,000

    Taj Baali Earrings

  • Rs. 3,400

    Lotus Blossom Baali Earrings

  • Rs. 2,700

    Disney Captain Marvel Double Hoop Baali Earrings

  • Rs. 2,900

    Deco Doubles Square Hoop Earrings in Labradorite

  • Sold Out
    Rs. 1,850

    Be All Heart Hoop Baalis

  • Sold Out
    Rs. 2,700

    Deco Rawa Hoop Earrings in Black Onyx

  • Sold Out
    Rs. 500

    Simplicity Hoop Earrings - Tiny

  • Sold Out
    Rs. 3,800

    Peacock Infinity Hoop Earrings

  • Sold Out
    Rs. 1,300

    Pull through Spiral Hoop Earrings - Medium

  • Sold Out
    Rs. 1,200

    Pull through Spiral Hoop Earrings - Small

  • Sold Out
    Rs. 1,100

    Twisted Statement Hoop Earrings

  • Sold Out
    Rs. 1,000

    Hinged Hex CZ Baali Earrings

Silver Hoop Earrings for Girls and Women - FOURSEVEN

Both modern and retro, hoop earrings are the one style statement that is always in style. A classy pair of hoop earrings are the perfect way to dress up or dress down an outfit.

Explore Popular and Unique Hoop Earrings Collection Online

We have a huge selection of hoop earrings in diverse styles and sizes to suit different needs. A unique pair of small hoop earrings like the Double Dagger Hoop Earrings, are a perfect way to add a fun yet subtle element to your outfit. We also have quirky designs like the Penguin Hoop Earrings or the Serpentine Hoop Earrings that are sure to turn heads wherever you go. Our sterling silver hoop earrings have some of the most unique designs and are designed and handcrafted in India. Buy beautiful hoop earrings with Express Delivery and Free Shipping in India and Worldwide. Why wait ? Order Now!