In this era of self-expression, let your jewellery tell your story.


  • Rs. 1,900

    Loving Heart Personalised Message Ring

  • Rs. 2,700

    Three Wishes Genie Lamp Pendant

  • Regular Price: Rs. 4,500

    Special Price Rs. 3,600

    Message Cuff Bangle - Dream

  • Regular Price: Rs. 2,700

    Special Price Rs. 2,160

    Shall We Dance Necklace

  • Rs. 1,800

    Personalised Message Ring

  • Rs. 1,500

    Spectrum Charm Ring - BG

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  • Regular Price: Rs. 600

    Special Price Rs. 420

    Spectrum Stud - G

  • Rs. 1,500

    Spectrum Charm Ring - GG

  • Rs. 1,250

    Young Wild Free Message Ring

  • Rs. 1,500

    Create Message Ring

  • Disney Collection by by Fourseven

  • Rs. 1,500

    Explore Message Ring

  • Rs. 1,800

    The Road Not Taken Message Ring

  • From: Rs. 2,450

    To: Rs. 8,800

    Wanderlust Charm Bracelet

  • Rs. 1,200

    Make Your Own Magic Message Ring

  • Regular Price: Rs. 1,300

    Special Price Rs. 910

    I Will Survive Charm

  • Regular Price: Rs. 6,500

    Special Price Rs. 4,550

    Style in My DNA Cuff Bangle

  • Regular Price: Rs. 1,350

    Special Price Rs. 945

    Shaken Not Stirred Martini Charm

  • Regular Price: Rs. 1,650

    Special Price Rs. 1,150

    Paint the Town Charm

  • Rs. 950

    Believe In Magic Unicorn Charm

  • Regular Price: Rs. 950

    Special Price Rs. 475

    Strut Your Stuff Stiletto Charm

  • Regular Price: Rs. 850

    Special Price Rs. 600

    Odissi Dancer Charm

  • Rs. 1,725

    Make A Wish Bead Charm Bracelet

  • Regular Price: Rs. 600

    Special Price Rs. 300

    Musical Note Charm

  • Regular Price: Rs. 850

    Special Price Rs. 425

    Bharatnatyam Dancer Charm

Women and Expression

By expression here we mean self-expression which is the ability to express oneself. There are different ways by which one can showcase his/her expressions whether physical or emotional. Men and women have distinct ways to express themselves. But a woman has not been able to express herself extensively. Her voice and her freedom to self-expression has always been suppressed in this male chauvinist world. On this International Women’s Day, lets encourage women who want to break the social norms and finding a space to express their inner self. Role of self-expression and opinion in the path to women empowerment. Fourseven has launched She Shakti collections to encourage women in expressing themselves.

Fourseven collections of gift ideas to celebrate Self-Expression On International Women’s Day

Fourseven has a unique collections of silver jewelry each of which tells a different story. We have a yourself expression jewelry to motivate a woman to self-expression. We have expression charm bracelets like the Wanderlust Charm Bracelet. This bracelet gives the message of ‘travel and explore the world’. We also have pure expressions earrings.

We have a Make a Wish Bead Charm Bracelet. It is great gift for women on Women’s Day.

We have a diverse range of collection of charms like Magic Genie Lamp Charm, Paint the Town Charm, and Believe in Magic Unicorn Charm. Capture the Moment DSLR Camera Charm is also a popular product in this collection. It will definitely have a good impression on her to take up a hobby like photography.

Other featured products from our collections include the Three Wishes Genie Lamp Pendant and Magic Genie Lamp Dangler which are inspired by the story of Genie granting three wishes to anyone of rubs the lamp. These are perfect gift for the woman you love the most. Fulfil her three wishes.

Gift your loved ones Expressions jewelry and accessories on this Women’s Day with our national and international delivery

We deliver in India and abroad in countries like United States of America(USA), United Kingdom(UK), Australia, Germany, Singapore, Canada, Mexico, United Arab Emirates(UAE), Russia etc.