Perfect for the gentleman who has everything, our silver brooches add that refined touch to your attire.



Accessories add that instant touch of style to your outfit.

Studs for Men

Our designer studs are inspired by Indian symbols - Om, Dhyan and Svasti. They can be worn in just one ear or both. You can also have fun mixing and matching the stud earrings - the Om Stud on one ear and the Svasti on other. Our studs are in Pure 925 Sterling SIlver and are 100% lead and nickel free - so you don’t have you worry about allergic reactions even if you have sensitive skin.

Brooches for Men

Suits and coats are a staple of corporate life and evening wear - add a dash of contemporary style with silver brooches. These designer brooches are inspired by diverse sources such as Indian mythology and popular symbols.