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Our Pick: Yoga Serenity Charm Bracelet

Beautiful bracelet for every yoga fitness enthusiast.

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Yoga Serenity Charm Bracelet
Charming your way with Bracelets

Charming Your Way With Bracelets

Style trend that hit the bull’s eye in New York and Brooklyn Fashion Week.

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Bracelet for Girls and Women - FOURSEVEN

Browse our stylish collection of pure sterling silver bracelets online to celebrate unforgettable moments. Designer bracelets are a must-have in every women's jewellery box. Instantly upgrade your look with bracelets and bangles with stylish and trendy designs. Bracelets have always been an essential accessory for women. Right from women of the early civilizations, through rulers like Cleopatra and till modern day women, ladies have always adorned accessories that bring out grace, beauty and femininity. Be it earrings, necklaces, rings or bracelets, ladies love making a statement with what they wear. An accessory that has a unique memory for you can also help create a unique memory about you, and therefore at FOURSEVEN, we deliver a wide variety of bracelets for women and charms to pair with those bracelets.

Silver Bracelet for Girls

Shop from our wide collection of designer silver bracelets for girls. Our bracelets are handcrafted in pure 925 Sterling Silver and are completely nickel and lead free. Silver bracelets are perfect to dress up or dress down any outfit. You can wear a pretty and simple silver bracelet for a more casual look or choose a statement piece for creating a bold impression. We have a huge selection of silver bracelets from elegant to edgy- something for every type of fashionista.

Charm Bracelets

Customize your charm bracelet with silver charms. An accessory should not only be pretty but also meaningful enough to be cherished and treasured. Charm bracelets are a perfect way to hold your memories or celebrate special achievements and milestones. Choose one or more of our beautiful charms, something that’s close to your heart and pair them with any of our charm bracelets like the classy and sophisticated Rainbow Moonstone Charm Bracelet or something more casual like the Elemental Charm Bracelet. Most of our bracelets have enough links, allowing you to attach all your favourite charms from FOURSEVEN.

Friendship Bracelets

If you are looking for trendy friendship bracelets, buy one of our many colourful bead bracelets and match it with one of our beautiful silver charms.

Bracelets for Girlfriend

Get a beautiful bracelet as a gift for your girlfriend - make it memorable by pairing it with a charm that is meaningful.

Clasp Bracelets

For those of you who prefer a more subtle style, we have a number of clasp bracelets like the Music of the Seashell Bracelet. These bracelets have a simple silver chain with a subtle central piece to add a hint of glamour to the bracelet. Depending on the chain in the bracelet, they may or may not be used as charm bracelets.


Bangles have always been an important part of the Indian culture, worn as one of the symbols of womanhood after the woman is married. We have beautiful bangle bracelets like the Anugachachatu Pravaaham Bangle and gemstone encrusted Sharadhi Bangles for a glamorous yet elegant look. We also have adjustable cuff bangles or ‘kadas’ like the En Mode Message Cuff Bangles that can be used as a subtle everyday accessory for college or work.

Bead Bracelets

For those who prefer a more casual and easy-breezy look, bead bracelets are the way to go. This stylish and affordable range, features bracelets with high-quality glass beads or semi-precious (turquoise, onyx, agate, hematite, tiger’s eye, black spinel) beads. If you are looking for beaded bracelets that also reflect your persona, you can add a meaningful charm to the bracelet for a personalised touch.