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Charms are like good memories.

Each one is special and has a story associated with it

Key to My Heart Charm
Spirit Charms


Get in touch with your spiritual side.

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Celebrate the unique and quirky aspects of life in India with the iconic charms.

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Indian Masala Charms by fourseven

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Jazz up your everyday style with a little bit of music.

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Musical Charms
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From good luck charms to hobby charms to charms that simply celebrate life.

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The Spellbinding World of Charms

The history of charms dates back to pre-historic times when people used to collect unusual stones and a create a bracelet or necklace of that. They wore it mainly to drive away the evil spirits. Today, these unusual stones have taken the shape of charms typically made in gold and charm. Discrete pieces of charms can be combined together to make a beautiful charm bracelet or charm necklace. Charms come in different shapes, designs, and patterns. Collect your favorite memories in the form charms and let it remain with you for the time to come.

Stylish Silver Charms Online - FOURSEVEN

Fourseven has mega collection of pure 92.5 Sterling silver charms with each chunk of charm has its own story to tell. Choose your favorite pieces and let them capture the special moments of your life. Hook them onto your charm bracelet, necklace, anklet or ring to create your own custom design. Collect them to create a wearable storytelling piece that you will cherish forever. You can gift them to your friends and family to show them how much you care. The charms are hand crafted with pure 92.5 sterling silver and semi-precious stones. Browse through thousands of pieces of sterling charms and commemorate your achievements. You will come across a wide variety of unusual designs that you never ever had thought of. You can customize your own silver charm collection.  

Inspirational Charms

Inspirational Charms are sure to inspire and motivate you to do good in your life. We have I Will Survive Charm giving a strong message of fighting against all odds whether it is injustice, war, racism. We have a meaningful Life is Beautiful Charm to show support for the fight against cancer. We have only one life and therefore we should enjoy it to the fullest.

Yogi Charms

We have a unique collection of yogi charms designed on yogi in different yoga poses. We have an adorable Yogi Warrior Pose Charm with Yogi in the warrior pose giving a lesson of strength, balance, and power. There is sterling silver Yogi King Cobra Charm having Yogi in the king cobra pose.

Love Charms

If you want to express your love to someone, then we have romantic pieces of love charms as well. We have a cute Unlock My Heart Charm. Keep it with you and share the key with someone special. Gift your girlfriend or wife a lovely Key to My Heart Charm and let her know that she is the key to your heart. Also, there is a small and pretty Be Mine Charm.

Disney Charms

For Disney lovers, we have something for you as well. We have a uniquely designed Disney Aladdin Magic Genie Lamp Charm. Rub the lamp and ask for three wishes. Let your inner hero come out with Disney Captain Marvel Charm. It is stylish and beautiful and will be loved by all women. For Mickey Mouse fans we have an elegant Fun with Mickey Mouse Charm

Indian Charms

For those who consider themselves truly Indian or more clearly desi, we have for them stunning charms under the category Indian Masala Charms. Here you will find charms designed on different Indian items. Recall the rich old Indian culture that has lost somewhere in the pages of history with a miniature Charkha Charm. There is an intriguing Mor Pankh Charm designed on the Peacock’s feathers. There is a colorful Rangoli Diya Charm.

Holy Charms

For saintly persons, we have a range of religious charms. We have a divine Ek Ong Kar Charm giving a moral lesson of “On Supreme Reality”. There is a spiritual Om Charm in Silver symbolizing the omnipresent power of the universe. Both of these mentioned charms are available in gold as well. Also, there is heavenly Svasti Charm designed on the ancient Hindu Swastik symbol.

Charms for Mother

Who doesn’t love his/her mother? Express your love for your mother with a lovely Mom Charm. She will definitely love and adore this beautiful piece. You can also gift your mother an elegant Motherhood charm. This charm has beautifully captured the essence of motherhood. In fact, she is our true friend.

The list is endless as you can explore more categories and designs of sterling silver charms.

Buy Silver Charms Online in India and Abroad with National and International Shipping

Fourseven is a treasure house of unique pieces of silver charms. These beautiful products are visualized, sketched, and handcrafted in India. Not just in India, we deliver sterling silver charms in different countries like United States of America(USA), United Kingdom(UK), Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Russia, Mexico, Singapore. Place an order now and get the chance to earn sterling points. The payment method is easy with credit/debit card, internet banking. Customers can avail the Cash on Delivery option. So, sit back and relax and wait till the product knocks your door.