Opening the doors to enchantment, the Zaynah collection captures the brilliance of gemstones in their natural state.


The Zaynah Collection

Gemstones hold a unique charm, and their beauty is enhanced significantly when they are studded in ornaments crafted from precious metals. As a part of efforts to highlight the ancient heritage and tradition of Indian craftsmen, we bring to you the magnificent Zaynah collection. The collection includes exclusively designed rings and earrings that combine the ethereal beauty of gemstones with the fine glamour of gold plated sterling silver.

About The Collection

The collection reflects the traditional designs and styles that were fit for the most elegant and royal ladies. The brilliance of the various gemstones is perfectly balanced by the glitter of the metal which houses them. Prefect to be worn for social event or cultural gathering, these rings and studs are sure to make heads turn your way. Alternately, you can also choose to wear these graceful jewelry items in everyday life without feeling out of place or too loud in an informal setting. Coming from fourseven, every item offered in the Zaynah collection assured for quality and long life. Every item has been exclusively handcrafted by the most skilled craftsmen, to whom this art has been passed through generations.

Get The fourseven Advantage

Express your individuality with the unique Zaynah collection from fourseven that comes with the following advantages.

  • Exclusive designs that bring out the true colors of the different gemstones
  • Assurance of quality for both the gemstones and precious metals in which they are studded
  • Easy to care for jewelry perfect for formal occasions as well as everyday wear
  • Reasonable pricing to make them well within the reach of the common people
  • A wide choice of option to match the style and taste of individual wearers
  • Perfect gift option for women of all age groups
  • Timeless jewelry to match the style and fashion trends across generations